Is there anything i am forgetting about?

I am about to build an electric longboard, and I’m not really shure if I’m forgetting about something,
or if there would be better options

Still debating about what longboard I’m going to use Thinking about the rayne demonseed, the rayne Amazon or to buy an other board I do want to be able to put pneumatic wheels on there (smallest size possible)

Already ordered the torqueboards kit 218mm trucks 15mm belts reverse mount 190kv 6355 motors Pully for wheels and motors

What I still need to order is Focbox unity or the flipsky 6.6 plus but I’m pretty shure it’s going to be the focbox Battery pre build 12s5p Samsung 30q with enclosure on And a flipsky vx2 remote

If the e build gods on this forum have and or know any better options, please let me know

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Sure man just do it. Stay away from flipsky, 6374s are a big jump in power, 12s is ideal. Rayne are nice decks just make sure your enclosure fits and go for it.


i have no clue if the enclosure is going to fit
as for the measurements i think it wil work without a doubt
but i dont know how its going to be for the concave and flexebilaty of the enclosure

is there diferences in distance and top speed with the dual 6374s in stead of dual 6355?

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Make sure your enclosure is a fit, that can kill a build if it’s off.

Not a noticable difference in speed and range. Range is dependent on other factors and speed on your gearing. The bigger motors will give you more power(torque).




battery im thinking about to order

enclosure im thinking about to order

i dont know if its better to build a diy battery pack
neither if i shoud build a diy enclosure

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Great, you made it over. Welcome, man!


Looks fine man, just depends on your budget. I would definitely reccomend NOT trying to build your own battery for a first build. Hit up a reputable battery builder in your country or go with that site. Idk their rep


This will help.

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I would avoid buying a battery from there.
Someone like @pjotr47 would be a far better choice.


remember to get safety gear. It’s cheaper than surgery. Look for gear with these standards:
EN1621-1 All Body Parts (Except Back/Spine) level 1/2
EN1621-2 Back/Spine level 1/2
prEN1621-3 Chest level 1/2
EN 1078, ASTM F1952 Helmet


Thanks for the referral @taz

@Jerpox if you have any questions about a battery send me a pm. I can calculate a price for your needs.


so knowing the focbox is hard to get, if its not available what is the next best option
or are there even better options for a 12s5p or 12s6p

I invite you to come to Brussel this weekend and have a talk with the DIY guys from belgium and some international ones :slight_smile:

You will learn so much in some hours. Due that your are going to have less rookie/noob mistakes.

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I second to get a battery from @pjotr47
You don’t want to gamble with batteries, his batteries are tested and proven.

We will all be in Brussels this weekend so you are welcome to come have a chat with us :slight_smile:


interested! where can i find the event?