Is Riding E-Foil super hard?!?

Hey kids.

So somewhat near here there is a place I can get E-Foil lessons.

It’s 200 bucks for 2 hours.

My question is mainly how hard is it?

Would I possibly get joy out of those 2 hours?
Will I be able to stand up?

I have not surfed or wake boarded, or anything of the sort.

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Given that I have no idea how to ride an e-foil and the fact I’ve never even seen one in person I’m probably not the person this is directed towards, but I’m a big fan of attention so here we are.

I don’t know about you but I find the learning process fun even if I keep failing. I’m trying to slowly learn to ride a OW and an EUC currently and I’m really bad at both of them, but I sure do have a good time trying!

I think especially with having the soft (at least softer than concrete) water to land on when you do mess up, I think you’d have a good time learning whether or not you’re good at it by the end of the session, just my 2c.


Hard to say.

Ive never foiled, but have 40 years experience surfing. A friend of mine and very capable syrfer who has foiled behind a boat, says it is not easy and counter intuitive.

I have seen efoilers around here who look like they’ve never ridden a skate or surfboard, but i judge that on bad style, and a simmering attitude of self importance they emanated


Euc was hard to pick up…

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@rpasichnyk rides his efoil often, maybe he can give some insight on this

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It’s expensive as hell but it’s about market rate.

I had one 45 minute rental efoil session and I was able to stand up during the last 10 minutes or so, so it’s definitely possible, especially within 2 hours. I am a quick learner though usually.

First you get used to riding while laying down on the board (few minutes). Then you get up on your knees, from that point on it’s fun. You’ll need about half an hour on your knees. You need to learn to control how high above the water you are foiling. After that you can stand up. Standing up takes a few tries and the first couple of minutes feel strange but you can get used to it quickly. Then you can start taking some turns and it’s a lot of fun.

If I had to say which board sport it feels closest to I would say onewheels.

I got the tip from the rental place that I should stand on the board like this kinda (i am regular sorry for the bad drawing lol)
That just didn’t work for me. I felt very unstable until I started standing with both feet on the mid- line of the board. Standing on the middle with both feet just felt way more comfortable and stable. So if you get this same from the rental company you can try it out be aware that might not be the way the go

I windsurf and my skill is on the lower intermediate level roughly. I also tried wakeboarding but I am very much a beginner at that. They are both quite different. I haven’t tried regular surfing though


Efoiling is quite approachable. Non electric foils are much much harder


Super helpful dude!!!


Lesson booked for Sunday.

Now I am going to try and practice standing up on my yoga mat a thousand times.


Simulator to practice standing up.

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It happened yesterday.

And I am alive and mostly ok today.

I felt like Jesus esk8ing on the water.

If you ever have an opportunity to try this go and do it.

It’s fucking magical.

Standing up and carving around with the board on the water was surprisingly easy

The next level up - planing, with the board more skimming the water is where I had fun and got my moneys worth…

Actually flying was crazy, and super hard.

I did it some.
But in short bursts.
And it was super touchy.

I imagine actually getting to the point that you can foil the whole time and carve through that would be incredible.

I need to go again…

I rode a bit over 2 hours.
Drained the battery to 3%
Got to standing up pretty fast…
Fell a bunch of times.
Probably because I was rushing.

But I got some really magical carves in there.

On the fucking water!!!

And once you first kind of get out of the water and start planing it picks up so much speed…
It’s wild.

Actually getting up on the foil was so crazy…

It kicked my ass…
Probably because I rushed through the training.

It was killer.
Need more…