Is my Unity dead?

Hi all, I’ve got any issue with my Enertion Unity. I went to use my skateboard yesterday but the Unity wouldn’t power on. I have been using it regularly for the past few months without issue. Power supply is good (10S), momentary switch is good (continuity on all cores and the switch makes/breaks when operated). I used it three days ago for about 15 minutes with no issue. Powered it down and put it away (at 37.5V) and didn’t put it on charge. Just gone to use it and it’s got no life whatsoever. Battery supply is still at 37.5V.

This was the reply from Enertion …

“Due to huge demand for our customer support resources, we currently cannot provide technical support for focbox unity configurations with 3rd party items.

Please check these forum posts about this subject:

If you don’t find the answer you should post about it in the forum and see if someone else in the community can provide some assistance.

If you can take a quick picture of the circuit board and reply to this ticket, we might be able to give some advice to whether it has some blown components and what those components are etc.”

I’m reaching out to the community for assistance. As help/ideas would be appreciated.


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Apologies, I have no actual input to help you but:

This is comedy gold.

Due to having customers we are unable to help our customers because we have customers to help.


It doesn’t fill you with much confidence, does it!


Bless Jason and whatever is left of his team. They are really struggling to do anything right at all.


Is there even anyone left?


Hit up Bara I heard he has some spares laying around :rofl:


I work in engineering (electrical funnily enough). I get that things fail and usually in spectacular fashion, it’s a daily occurrence for me, however, that response is making me think that nothing is going to be resolved and I’m going to be stuck with an expensive paper weight! Let’s hope I’m wrong.

What happened to @deodand? He’s vanished from the unity help threads :frowning:


I mean, he responded to someone 2 days ago and he’s active. I’m sure we don’t need to call the police yet


Fingers crossed.


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Someone on FB has pointed out that I might have a BMS issue, which is a valid point. I’ve only measured voltage with no load. It could be that the BMS has bricked the current output due to a dodgy P group reading (i.e. a cable has dropped off or something). I’m also using a Bestech BMS with e-switch so there could be an issue with that, too. Going to tear my battery apart tonight.

I’ve just checked the battery, BMS, switches and cabling and all is good :frowning:

I can’t see any obvious issues with the components either …

As you said on the Enertion Support Forum (I’m @atlasdev there) the unity does not even turn on, you might want to check the few fuses I see on the board. Just to check if they are blown. Also check the 4 big capacitors (the metal part should be completely flat).

I might be pointing out the obvious then, but can’t hurt to repeat it :slight_smile:

where are you ? I know a guy in Sydney Australia who’s not bad with electronics repairs.

I’m in the UK

dsn’t the unity have some kind of inbuilt switch? I’d start there.
If you have supply all the way to the ESC I’d grab the multimeter and see how far that goes. Since nothing is flashin I’m guessing the MCU dsn’t wake up/is busted. Should be an easy inspection. Don’t like that piece of tape or w/e it is on the MCU, dsnt look ESD safe.

I just checked in the builder forum after not being on there for about a month doesn’t seem like I am missing anything over there. Enertion still dealing with shortages of the unity and not giving the customer any updates. Ahhh the good old days.

But to your topic:
I would PM Deodand over on the build forum the unity was his creation if anyone can give you help it is him.


Hi, I think that I have the same issue as you.
I bought the ST-link connector to try to reflash it, but neither connect to computer.

Have you finally got anything else?