Is charging too slow bad?

Any chargers i can buy with the SP20 plug that will charge my lonestar slower? I charge in advance alot of the times so the 8amp charger is a bit much as id like to preserve the cells as much as i can

That doesn’t make any sense, however many watts you’re putting into the battery must come from the wall, you can’t just make energy out of nothing. Near full charge (50V), 28A would be 1400W at the minimum, not counting any losses from the charger itself. Most 15A household breakers are only safe to 1800W, so you really don’t have much headroom aside from some lightbulbs.

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my god you still need to learn , l have a power supply from computer server with 48v and 90A output :rofl:

Please stop touching electronics you’re going to start a fire.

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If you’ve got a computer pulling 4300W continuous you either have a mining rack or a really inefficient space heater.