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Internals Mounting - Deck Mounted vs Enclosure Suspended [Serious]

This is a topic I’ve chatted with @Skunk and a few others and wanted to get some input and general feedback based on experience here on optimal mounting solutions.

  • Deck Mounted: all internals (ESCs, Batteries, etc) are mounted to underside of deck. Ie: standard Hummie deck config. @longhairedboy’s Witchblade.

  • Enclosure suspended: all internals are mounted inside the enclosure or enclosure segments, creating an ‘e-tray’. Or: Kaly production, LaCroix production, Raptor production.

Personally, I lean towards deck-mounting all internals if I can help it, leaving the enclosure as a protective shell rather than direct weight bearing. I find it easier to do maintenance on these configs as well.

I’ve found some instances such as the Kaly 5.0 enclosure where it made more sense to just silicon pot 4x P-groups into each enclosure segment and run thick series connections between. I kept the Unity inside LoveChild deck-mounted, but the BMS + battery is suspended within the enclosure. My prototipo is entirely suspended within the enclosure for over a year of heavy use without issue as well.

Some have also raised the argument that the enclosure-suspension method can lead to better/easier dampening.

I think with proper dampening and insulation within the enclosure this is a less of an issue.

I’ve been using dual-loc + E.G. Silicone adhesive for internals mounting, with neoprene closed cell foam to fill dead space and dampen batteries/cables.



Ive always found that with Enclouser Suspended its much easier to organize everything and deal with space, but thats just my opinion.


I would agree with that. Deck mounting requires a bit different planning, but it’s easier to build into your constrained space.


I find enclosure mounting to be a lot easier and can lead to things being better organized, however I usually only do that if there’s not enough space to velcro. To the deck is just a lot more sturdy and easier to access when something breaks, plus you can put less screws on the enclosure. @Tello1969 just put 4 on his switchblade enclosure! And of course you must deck mount with ABS, fiberglass is the only one where you can pick your preferred poison.


Also I think it was @longhairedboy or someone on the old forum who said literally every production board mounts in the enclosure and we’re the only ones who deck mount. I thought that was interesting.


The biggest deciding factor for me on LoveChild’s battery was that mounting 108 cells to the underside of the deck and then running cabling felt a bit too tricky to pull off vs just dropping said cells into a pound of silicone (SSSBBBM™ @Sender)


Depends on enclosure durability to me. I usually board mount with velcro though.


I will always deck mount I think. It just seems safer to me and I like utilizing the Velcro and foam as dampening materials.

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I’ve been putting Velcro on both sides of all the parts, but laying out in the tray…I mean my enclosures are also cardboard but it works well and it’s easy

Also shrink wrapping everything into a block helps

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I have tried to mount everything to the deck b4 but it did not work for me becasue I want the esc to have a heatsink. The heatsink needs to be on the outside of the enclosure for it to work. What I ended it doing is valcro the battery to the deck and the esc is attached to the enclosure. I need to rethink this becasue it very hard to work on wiring and esc this way.

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I mounted everything in the enclosure then did the @Sender Silicone method, after which I took pick and pull foam and filled in the big gaps around other electronics such as receiver, Bluetooth, etc.

Once all that was done a cut a piece of neoprene that perfectly outlined the enclosure and velcroed that to the battery.

@kaly does a super clean job on his enclosures


Silicone method, only way I do it now because since I started doing it I had way less problems with vibrations.


What is the best way to secure velcro itself to the board?

Place the pack on your deck first, line it up, do a test fit with the enclosure that everything is in place, then mark the outline of the battery with sharpie so you can place it again. Then line the back on your battery with Velcro and place in it’s little spot which you outlined.


My question is how you make the other side of the velcro stick to the deck and not come off during riding.
Is it special kind of velcro?

What no, just buy regular two part Velcro and peel off both sides


I will often use an additional contact adhesive to more permanently attach Velcro to a surface. I find it peels off too easily otherwise. Small dots of Loctite 495 go a long way


Using a hairdryer to warm the adhesive is also a great way to get velcro to form to the surface for a better fit :slight_smile:


@DerelictRobot My internals are enclosure mounted using adhesives. Primarily Corning 737 for potting the battery and ESC and black hot glue for smaller bits like the receiver. I’ve been doing it that way since the beginning.


Bioboards are deck mounted with brackets and wood screws and adhesives.

ArcBoards are primarily enclosure mounted with adhesives but then they put heavy two way tape on the battery before putting it on the deck so its kind of both.

edit: Oh and evolve and Enertion both use injection molded drop sleds with fasteners.


Whatever, you’re not my real dad.

Why did I think you were a deck mounting purist?