Intermittent unpowered resistance?

I’ve had shorted motors and shorted ESC phases before. Full disclosure I have not done any diagnostics yet, just curious.

One of my TB ESCs and TB 6380 motors are smooth, then resistance like phases are shorted, but in a rough and jerky way. Mostly they seem to feel like strong brake but as I turn the wheel it comes and goes, very strange. Anyone had anything like this?

Maybe my 3DS gear is shredded on one side and it just feels like shorted phases?

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Maybe one of the gears came loose and is engaging oddly?


Before you take it all apart, draw a line on your tire and rotate it to see if the issue happens @ a certain point or randomly. If it’s happening @ the same spot then I’d assume gear related. If its @ random points then I’d assume motor issue.

Have you done the touching two phases together and rotating motor to test resistance?


Boom. Didn’t try that. I thought it might be electrical feeling (felt it before, been a while) and definitely not shorted… touching phases is consistent across each phase, totally different feeling and quite strong, and unplugging from ESC did nothing so can’t be the ESC. Probably just a broken gear tooth at this point, and too much grease making it hard to tell its a broken tooth or mucked up teeth.

Thank you sir! I have found my reason to upgrade to BN drives :smiley: … gonna take it apart first to confirm though. They have been abnormally loud and rough lately so i’m not suprised.

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Could possibly be just lack of grease. How many km/miles do you have on them? Ever disassemble them before and notice any issues?

My only issue with the 3ds is thermal issues. For some reason, no matter how much or how little grease or even no matter type of grease, the drives heat up and cause throttling.

Probably about 500 miles. One drive works well, the other one right after getting them I jumped off a curb and that one drive started sounding odd, with more resistance on one side of the tire than the other. I tired disassembling them, re-greasing them a couple times, and visually all looked perfect, but the one-side of resistance and other side being loose-ish never went away. Grease helped, but never solved that problem. No issues with heat personally, and I know they have enough grease - I guess that wonky side just is now starting to kick the can after pushing them doing the DIRT games.

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Does it get better if you loosen the axle nut any?

Sounds as if something has shifted due to that hit you mentioned.

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Still rough. Looking forward to taking this thing apart now to see what’s up inside.

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Yeah that’s not good homie lol. What was your backlash like? Seems it was more loose than it should be. That and the combination of tricking with it.

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That was the drive that came tighter than the other drive by default - never touched anything. The other one has the smallest amount of back and forth click, this one is solid all the way through and always has been (at least on half the turn of the wheel). I went to try to loosen it up just now because of the crazy extra resistance and I assume the backlash adjustment screws are some of the ones that come pre-loctite-reded.

Yeah mine were bought unassembled and I did the assembling. Not that was the issue. Just one of the difference in our setups.

I’m really leaning towards the tricking you were doing on them though. That’s the main difference in our setups. Mine is never tricked on. Not even running off curbs.

Sucks though homie. You just going to get the BN m1 or you going to repair and replace?

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BN gears for sure. Definitely the jumping around and stuff was the culprit. It seems like these are good for acceleration and deceleration, not much else. I don’t feel like i’ve done anything too crazy on these. The bearings installed with these drives are still brand new feeling… kind of a bummer that my bearings (even without spacers) lasted longer than these gear drives. For now though, i’ll run these until they lock up completely and try to finish out the DIRT games hopefully lol.