[interest] enclosures for short boards 14" to 16" wheelbase

I might have some extra enclosures soon and I just want to know how many extra to get. This will change to a sale thread at that point.

These are for short decks (14" to 16" wheelbase). These will fit popsicle decks and retro '80s decks! :sunglasses: These are the same enclosure on the Blue One.

These are 3.5mm thick ABS and have a cork-coated metal strap that holds them to the deck and wraps around the bottom.

They will hold 50 cells as a 10S5P only in the following configuration:

I don’t think think you could fit a 12S4P in here, despite being less cells, unless you did some crafty welding.

$59.99 shipped to US, international shipping extra. (quantity above one is less per each) This price may come down if quantities go up high enough. (I’m not trying to make money, just that enclosures for these decks are very hard to find, and I also need some.)

So, help me decide how many to get.

  • I will definitely buy one.
  • I probably will buy one.
  • I don’t know.
  • I probably won’t buy one.
  • I will definitely not buy one.

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@IndianGummy @sk8l8r @KaramQ @moon @Skunk @Skatardude10 @Venom121212 @magharees @jamie @SeanHacker @kalebludlow @Lionpuncher @longhairedboy and anyone else…


What are the dimensions for this one?

They are approximately 195mm long x 165mm wide (108mm wide battery side and 50mm ESC side) x 75mm tall internally and exactly 257mm (10.12") long x 195mm wide x 84mm tall externally.

They will fit a battery as above and a BMS and a single large ESC like FOCBOX or VESC 4.12 on the side. If you used Super mini Maker-X ESC, then two would probably fit in there with a smaller BMS for a two-wheel drive system.

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Using 107mm or 110mm wheels with 25mm of riser is more than enough ground clearance for me, you could probably use smaller wheels or less riser and still be fine.

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Here is some stuff tossed in one to give you an idea of the space you have

That’s a 4.12 VESC in a @3DServisas aluminum case, for size reference. Two won’t fit.

Two Super mini Maker-X ESC will fit.


any pics that show how its attached to the deck?

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This is the strap, you just add your own skate hardware, and I like using brass #10 flat washers on all skate hardware.

And the strap runs forward to rearward on the deck, slightly offcenter, but centered over the battery. See the four extra holes in this deck?

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perfect, this might just survive ollies :slight_smile:

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Really cool little enclosure. Was always curious what it was all about. Crazy you can get 50 cells under a popsicle deck!
Love the offering, but I’m not looking to build another commuter atm.

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Placing order in 3 days, get your vote in if you’re interested or not interested

Poll closed; these are pending

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@b264 got any extras? Trying to find an enclosure to fit my landyachtz tugboat. Thanks

@PrivacyDoctor check it out

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Are there any left @b264?

I’m still interested if any are available @b264

As these become available they will be made available to the original folks polled above, then new folks. There aren’t very many of them. ETA is “soon” LoLz


I would an enclosure as well

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