Innovative Vesc Case Design

Hello All. I made my first prototype of Vesc case. Target was to create something really functional, water resistant, with great cooling and design. Also to be easy dismount without needs to loose truck screws.I posted this picture on FB and I have nice feedback for it. But one guy ask me if in case that board will crash and rolling, if this case will stay ok. To be honest I was not thinking this way. Because it is my first MTB build, I will be thankful for Your opinion about , how

should looks VESC case in next days :slight_smile:


Dang… That looks… Pretty great lol

What is that surface finish? Is it a painted and finished 3D printed part?

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+1, that looks really nice! Any more pictures on how it works and the benefits? Is it also quick to open, like getting to the engine of a car?

I think more pictures from different angles would be nice too. Curious about the bottom and mounting, etc.

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Thank You. It was really painful proces from mistake to mistake :slight_smile: It is Pet-G print with risin on top, than grinded with sand paper and final layer is black mat color. To produce it by plastic molding will be nice, and in big lot not so expensive. Maybe in future. The double roof on it is blocking sun and also it works like diffuser with cooling effect. Bottom is from aluminum. Any recommendations or remarks are welcome!


Hm interesting. Sounds cool

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Thank You. It is still just prototype. Actual fixation it is not final version. As I wrote from bottom is aluminum cooler and double roof on top is sun blocking and cooling system like difusor. Input hole is bigger, output hole is smaller so air flow inside is increasing speed to be able move out from smaller hole. That should have cooling effect. But it was not tested yet. Need to finish my build. Any recommendation are welcome!


I think it looks pretty nice :+1:
In a rolling wreck, I imagine these tabs could possibly be a weak point being printed.


Thank You. Yes. It will be nice to have it from aluminum or do it different way. I have something in my head :slight_smile:

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Yeah the brackets being aluminum would also increase cooling. Wonder if you should go for a lighter color to also reduce heating from the sun.

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Yes, but black is fckn nice :blush:


On that note I generally think truck bolts passing through printed parts is not wise. Gotta be confident in it’s rigidity.

Tons of people get away with it but I would never promote it for fear of noobs or whoever has no idea.


Lol the sun will never heat the brackets they aren’t exposed?

It is just prototype. The fixation is not final. Thank You for remaining.

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Haha my b, I meant the ESC enclosure, but yes black is sexy. Am curious how much heat savings there is with the dual walls.

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Me too:)

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Maybe a prototype with no dual walls? If you haven’t already done that.

I need to think about next priorities:) my dream was to developed own chain drive and own vesc case. Next should be gear drive probably:) problem is that produce injection molded double roof Vesc case is not so easy, so I need analyse how much time I would invest to this topic. I hope that I inspire next people or companies to develop something new, not just two milled deck and plastic frame with screws from top:)

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