In the final planning stages, please review my wiring design!

Posted this on but I figure it would be good to post here too.

Wiring show below via simple photo-shopped file, sorry if its not clean looking this was the easiest way for me to visualize it.

Anyways to the design!

  1. A123 26650 batteries in a 6s5p config. I am going to get this built by @psychotiller (if its approved) but I just want to make sure my understanding of how battery packs are wired is right.
  2. DieBieMS - connections via molex and input power from batteries
  3. Output to female xt60, then goes into a male xt60 to dual female xt60 output
  4. FocBox male xt60 input
  5. 10 inch wide hub motor; 24v input, 600W power
  6. Another xt60 splitter (one for usb charging, the other output for future led lighting)
  7. Step down converter to dual usb charging ports (input 8-22v, output to 5v)
  8. Barrel connector
  9. Boosted board charger (outputs 100-240v, 50-60hz) I figured it would work as boosted uses the same cells.

Any input is appreciated! My few concerns are if the pack can properly power the motor, I calculate it will output about 20V so I hope undervolting a 24V motor is okay.

I am pretty sure the boosted charger won’t work

Not really sure though

Yeah as far as I know the boosted charger is for 13s so the voltages are totally different

Is this for a skateboard or what because 10 inch is massive and definitely not for skateboard use

It’s probably the width of his trucks

Ah ok I thought he meant 10 inch height

Nope 10 inch is the tire width, its a three wheel hybrid build.

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