In need of a new battery pack

Well, I was just looking for new wheels but it seems that I’m gonna need a new battery as well. I am hoping to get another 18650 30Q 10s3p battery pack because that’s what I had and I really enjoyed it. Great speed and good mileage per charge. I have contacted a few custom builders about making one and most of them are booked solid or cannot get the parts. I am hoping to find someone on here who either has one and is willing to sell it or is willing to make it and send it to me. Of course I am willing to pay as long as your not charging 500 dollars an hour for services lol. I would love it if the battery could stick within the rough dimensions of 5.5 inches x 14 inches x 1 inch because those are a bit generous for how big the last one I had was and I would love if it could be a basic direct swap. I don’t know too much about it, but if anyone has any suggestions those would also be much appreciate!


Again I forget how to use the edit function, but I am open to other options if anyone thinks they know of something better to use. It is a street board that will be running Evolve GTR street wheels as well as dual Flipsky 6384 190kv battle hardened motors. I am using the flipsky anti spark switch with a Dual FSESC6.6 mounted on a trampa street motor mount kit on Trampa Ultimate ATB trucks. I don’t have a ton of room to increase the size so staying in that rough area that I mentioned above would be great!

I can help you out man… although getting new 30qs probably isnt going to happen…


@MrDrunkenMobster @Skyart are good guys to talk to as well.


Sky art is booked til after august ha however he did just send me a 30q battery that need some tlc… I could build you one out of that or if you want new cells I have som p26a molicel sitting here.


Also I did message @MrDrunkenMobster on IG, not sure if he will get back to me but I reached out and havent gotten a response yet. But who knows maybe he will get back to me in a bit. Nothing against him, he is just probably really busy.

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Sorry about missing your message Konner! I rarely check my instagram. I just replied to you on there :slight_smile:

Thanks man, I appreciate your response and your help!

@JoeyZ5 How late are you booked for this year? Is this a project you would consider doing?

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I could do it mid June, but as already said the 30Q are unobtainable right now. Though your setup might benefit from the P26A as it is a higher current cell than the 30Q.

I messaged you on instagram, if you want we can talk a bit more there if it is easier for you

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If not though, I am more than willing to talk here. I am fine with going with something better for the setup. I am fairly new to the community and don’t know that much about anything in regards to a lot about these boards. Even less about batteries. If you think my current setup can handle the extra juice then I am more than willing to do something with different batteries.

Part of it is just getting the cells, part of it is you having space for them (if you were to get better cells).

I have a bunch of used 30Q’s waiting to be put into packs but I cannot guarantee their longevity like you can with a new set. I will say that I have a 12s7p of the same used 30Q’s in my street board and it’s still holding out well after a year of charge cycles

Completely understand that, like I said I know I can fit 30Q’s because thats what was in there previously. The issue right now is finding someone to build the pack, I am talking to a few guys currently but I am not completely committed yet because nobody has worked out any prices or anything. The other issue I am hearing is finding cells, most people are saying finding new 30Q’s are cray difficult right now because they are in a shortage and are crazy expensive compared to pre-covid. If your offering to build a pack for me I would definitely like to hear more! If you prefer you can send me a message or we can continue to talk here.

I don’t know how the other battery builders feel about putting used batteries in customers packs, but I would assume that they wouldn’t think of it too highly.

If we were to continue with it, there is just a huge grain of salt on the cells capacity / longevity. According to how I’ve been riding the others, I’d say they’re probably 85 to 90% capacity, and in my experience so far, they’ve probably lost 10% capacity in the past year and a a bit / hard to say because I switched to pneumatics partway through.

I wouldn’t really hesitate too much to put these in a build since I’ve put used cells in builds before and had no issues, but the builds I’ve put them in are local. No one has had issues, but it’s harder to support from a distance if one were to arise. Know what I mean?

What’s your setup look like? Think you’ve got room for 10s4p? With older cells, throwing in a P group can help ease on sag and how much current they need to provide. Along with that, it will help keep them more balanced.

I’m not saying I won’t do it, there’s just some caveats. I have one pack (10s4p P42a) that I’m building for someone on my plate right now.

I am very new to this, that board was my first and while it is a really good board it can definitely be improved. So its safe to assume I have no prior knowledge of battery packs, I can summarize all the parts on my board currently for you and how much space I have for the battery pack, but I don’t have much more room than what I listed above for it, otherwise I am going to run into issue with ground clearance if we go with much more in terms of height.

Is your current pack a single stack? I would assume it is, why don’t you share some pictures of your setup and your space available

Yea I can do that, give me a few minutes. Its a custom made enclosure so it can always be adjusted but I really like how it looks right now and it clears everything that I have ridden on so it works for me for the most part. Until I go out and get some photos for reference its a similar setup to the street board Kami Juins made with the tan deck and white trucks. Not exactly the same but it was heavily inspired by it.


My bad, I’m away from home ha. I thought i could find an image on my phone of it but I don’t seem to have one. I will link the board that it is modelled after, it is very close to it, all the dimensions and stuff are basically the same minus some of the accessories and colors of the parts used. You can go off that if you like and when I get home I can send you an image of it but it is semi-taken apart right now at home because the battery failed and at first I was wondering what happened so I took it apart.


#106 Build a DIY electric board 2021 for street type - YouTube

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