Import Fees to Australia?


I have a cart of items from TB’s at just under $1,000, but before I purchase, I am curious as to whether anyone else has bought from Torqueboards in the US and had it delivered to Australia? And if so, other than the 10% GST, did you incur any import customs fees?


@Dareno come here

I believe the Import Tax threshold is lower these days, something like $500 instead of $1,000. So, expect to pay import tax, unless declared value is lower than $500.

I have never incurred any fees from any seller in the US. Not sure why but if I had to guess it would be trade agreements. China too. Nothing. No import taxes, no customs problems.
We are the happy sell us all your shit Country. Take advantage till some dickhead politician decides to fuck it all up.


Just the answer I was waiting for. I read somewhere that the GST now applies to all goods including anything under $1k, but I was more concerned with any hidden Customs fees.

I will order now and update once they arrive!

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If you get hit for customs then I apologise but for me there has been no unknown surprises in any of my international buys. Even from the uk.

GST will only apply if you are a registered business with a 30 grand turn over. Private sells slip under the radar. Thats not to say you won’t get stung but they have much bigger fish to fry so as I said you should be fine . 10% is not that much of a hit though.

Ah yeah I know its generally a gamble and wont hold you to it… Happy with the 10% as it really isn’t much at all and I’m not on a budget so to speak.

I have actually removed a couple items from the basket that I can easily get over here to bring the total down to less than a grand and hopefully slip further under the radar.

You are up in the Sunshine Coast?

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Yes my friend I am. Hard life…

I’m chilling down here in Currumbin also working hard…

Can you recommend any good/reliable suppliers for 30Q batteries?

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You building the battery yourself?

Yeah, looking at a 12s4p to fit reasonably under the board. Watched and read the old esk8 forum for the last year and would have dove in sooner, however, emigrating took some time out of my hands.

Who are the proven battery builders over here?

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Emigrating from where?

I am going to do you a solid right now.

I have recently let him out of my basement and back into the public but if you use him be aware that at any point I may chain him back up down there if I need him.

@TinnieSinker Battery builder extraordinaire. He is my personal battery slave so treat him well.


I just bought two 4.12s from them said they were in Brisbane yesterday but I won’t be home for two weeks fantastic shipping speed and communication.


Oh very nice, I remember reading a few very raving positive comments about TS.
@TinnieSinker - Hey, how is the workload right now? :slight_smile:

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Don’t fucking ask him directly. Hes mine so direct all your enquiries through me and I will deem if you are worthy

Sorry Jai. drinking


Im just going to stay in here if thats ok. the outside world is bright and scary

Im not too busy at the moment, waiting on parts and cells


Would you mind asking your slave… :rofl:


Go ahead and address him with respect.

Emigrated from London - not enough beaches to cruise down on my board.


Same bro. South London. Tennis area. SW19