Ideas for 6 Pin Sensor Connector

Over on the grave we had this discussion about convenient connectors for sensor wires. I would like to continue this discussion since it didn’t come to a satisfying solution from my point of view.
For my next build, I will try to route both phase and sensor wires longhairedboy-style through the deck. The phase wires are no problem but for the sensor wires, I will need a small (and even more important good-looking) connector. Here are some options I came up with:

Do you guys have any other recommendations?

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Mr30 look nice but they cant handle the amount of power we put through these boards they are too small. I got a set of MR60 connectors that I will be trying out they should be able to handle the power.

I’ve heard people say the same thing about the MR60 connectors as the MR30’s. would love to hear back from you because if in fact these connectors happen to be good with the high currents of boards i might pick some up for myself! xD

Maybe a 9 pin e bike connector that’s made using copper wires to handle the currents?

Well I’m assuming it’s good enough because the bullets in the MR60 plug is the same size bullets that the Unity comes with and that the Raptor 2 uses.


Oh and I’ve been passing some high currents through my.unity with the factory small bullets np

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might have to get some then :slight_smile:

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This is a solution for connecting sensor wires not phase so they will be a bit big if anything.

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Something like this from rs?

Or this from haggy?

This is a male female jst with pigtails. Lots of options on rs components


The haggy stuff really looks great, one of the best options IMO. Similar to some of the cheap hub motor setups.

It would be nice if there were a panel mount version.

JST SM, amazon link for photos.

They’re pretty bulky and not very robust. Really JST-XH with retention clips.

There are waterproof automotive connectors called Deutsch (and cheap generic knockoff) that look more robust. Also big and rarely panel mount.

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I think there are panel mount 6 pin din plugs and sockets. I’ll do some more digging around.

I’d say the MR-30 are definitively tiny enough to be suitable for sensors. And you can arrange them sideways or stack them depending on your needs.
Only risk is that there is still a possibility to connect them the wrong way, since you’re using 2 connectors for your 6 sensor wires. Maybe in this case use one female and one male per side. Or color code, or …

They’re almost a tenth of the size and weight of a GX-16.

In my previous board I used the MT60 for a long time without issues

In the current one I will go back to them as soon as I get a new enclosure

MT60 + GX12 for sensors and temp. To get around the bulk of the male GX12 I will be printing new covers and probably gluing them with epoxy for water protection

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Definitely some decent options here in this thread! Personally, I still like the GX-12 best. It seems to be the most convenient connector. Small, secure and with a little bit of effort probably even aesthetically pleasing.