Ideal tkp angles

Probably one of those subjective wide truck vs narrow truck debates but I’m interested to hear thoughts and experiences from those chasing ideal baseplate angles for tkp.

Currently I’m using 45 front 30 rear b-one splits, which I swear by, but I’m always chasing better. I tried a 5 degree wedge and de-wedge in the rear but that seemed to make the board harder to turn initially and then a little divey.

Admittedly I didn’t play with the bushings.

What’s good?


How are you measuring your angles? On TKP that would be the (imaginary) line between the middle of the bushing seat to the middle of the pivot cup.
It’s not as trivial as RKP. :slight_smile:

You can’t do one without the other. Less angle = more leverage, so you need harder/bigger bushings generally, otherwise your dewedged rear articulates with less force compared to the front.

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Thats just what they have stamped on them for the angles.

Good point, maybe I’ll revisit the wedges.