Idea Build For Sale

Located in Nor Cal

I bought this to use as a second board but I got about 15 miles in and the stormcore blew up, its not really my style of board I decided, I like going fast and this is great at carving but not so much built for speed. I imagine this would be great for someone who just bought one of those new DV4s and needs something to put it in, pretty good deal even with one of those added.

The stormcore turns on and connects to BT and doesn’t show any faults till I press the throttle and then I get a DRV fault, seems repairable based on what I’ve heard. The board is in pretty great cosmetic shape, and everything works like new besides the VESC as far as I know. Battery was always stored around 55% ships disassembled to save on costs, all hardware is included.

Copy and pasted from original listing:
IDEA deck and red brackets
12s4p p42a battery pack from eboosted with eboosted enclosure
Trampa 6 in tires
Mbs rockstar pro hubs
Flipsky vx4 from skyart
Boardnamics at gear drives 4.60 gear ratio I believe
270 mm hangers from boardnamics with propulsion boards rkp baseplate trucks.
Battery has about 30(+1)cycles on it roughly.
3 amp battery charger
Shredlights included

SOLD 400 for motors, hangars, baseplates, gear drives and shred lights
SOLD 70 for rockstar pro and trampa urban treads set
40 for vx4
SOLD 800 for idea deck with brackets 12S4P Molicel P42A 21700 battery pack (flexible) with charger and Eboosted enclosure
SOLD 120 for blue Davega, (basically new condition)
SOLD stormcore 60d
15 battery, shell and pcb for hoyt puck
25 hoyt puck with FDM poastmote shell and metal bump throttle.

Everything is in very good cosmetic condition enclosure doesn’t have any scratches.


I’ll take the busted stormcore…DM’d.

no individual prices?


If someone wants something let me know but I would much prefer to sell all of it at once

Stormcore sold and updated with individual prices for everything and added a davega.

Images of the battery/inside of the enclosure?

Ill take some

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It’s this pack but with clear heat shrink

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I’ll take the davega


Damn sorry to hear the Stormcore busted

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I’ll take the vc4!

Added a puck and puck parts

Vx4 didn’t sell

I’ll take some pics tomorrow


Is the poastmote puck complete or is it just the shell? If complete I’ll take it off your hands

Complete minus receiver, someone else is interested but I’ll let you know if it falls through

Sale fell through, it’s yours if you want it

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I’ll take it, PM inbound

Everything except puck internals have been sold

Battery, PCB and black nylon case for $15

Everything has been sold! Thank you very much to everyone who bought something.

@xsynatic please close

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