Icarus or Tan-Tien

I’m debating building a new board with a Loaded deck. I’m torn between the Tan Tien and Icarus. They both seem similar and both seem to be loved by those who own them. I’m wondering which would be a better ride for an electric longboard. Thoughts? Please don’t boggle my mind with more options. lol

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the biggest issue you will face is flex - believe both of those decks are rather flexy so you’ll need a modular enclosure or a flexy enclosure with a flexy battery.

They’re also not the best above 25mph fyi

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They are both flexy decks so you will need a split enclosure for either of them.
I think the Icarus has a nicer shape since the wheel flares curve up a bit, the Tan Tien is quite flat even though it has pretty good concave.

I built my first esk8 on a Tan Tien flex 2 and I’ve been commuting on it for a year now.
Both are really nice decks.

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Panthéon Trip V2


Icarus! I built one years ago and it’s been fantastic, dont ride it too much these days but it makes a great eboard


lol I told you not to boggle my mind. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

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Nice. A lot of good pointers coming. Thanks for the photos as well. It really helps me picture what it would be like and what type of setup to complete.

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Yah to be honest I’m not looking for something to go super fast like a Lacroix or anything. About 25-30mph or so would be great cruising speed for me. :slight_smile:

I think Id trust loaded construction materials over pantheon

Just seen a few complaints with Pantheon decks. And never seen a bad word said about Loaded


Had the same loaded vanguard for 12 years. Ride analog with it every season. Still hasn’t let me down.


25-30 is a fast “cruising speed” man. 25 is prob what I cruise and carve at on my lacroix’s

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Thanks for the feedback, do you have more details? What did happen, deck broke on people?

Yeah basically. Things that I have read on reddit, r/longboarding

Only a few comments though. So lets not blow it out of proportion

Again Loaded is a God tier deck mfg’er