I present to you, the mini esk8

Board I built for/with a friend who wanted to get into esk8. Board purpose was last mile/short work commutes.

My buddy found the deck and was set in using it( I was skeptical of the size but it turned out awesome). I think this is literally the smallest board you can possibly build :stuck_out_tongue:

Board specs:

  • 10s2p 30Q built by me
  • 1x FocBox(set to 35A discharge)
  • TB218 trucks
  • Super tiny eBay deck
  • 40T wheel pulley(leftover from Tito sale)
  • 15T motor pulley (steel, leftover from Tito)
  • 5M belts/15mm(vbeltsupply)
  • Dickyho motor mounts
  • Racerstar 5065 140kv(leftover from evolve upgrade)
  • 97mm superflys(started with 83mm evolve wheels)
  • Custom designed 3d printed enclosure(designed and printed by me)
  • eBay balance bms(discharge only)
  • Generic bluetooth module
  • Leftover evolve bearings(cleaned and repacked with high speed wheel bearing grease)

Total build cost was under $500(with some leftover parts).

My 3d printed enclosure files can be found here:

EDIT: for some reason some of the photos aren’t uploading here. Full image gallery here on imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/rDN5AHI



Nice. I dig the little enclosure.


Thanks man. Its my favorite thing iv’e ever designed.

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Hah! Awesome! I just started designing my own pennyboard (22") enclosure a few days ago and ordered parts for it. You beat me to it!

Is that a 24" deck or a 22"?


It was really fun to make! I’m actually not sure what size the deck is, ill measure it when i see him at work on monday.

Iv’e updated the main post with the enclosure files if you’re interested. It’s really strong.


This is super slick I dig it love the enclosure design. I’ve got some stuff I’m working on for the haya

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Thats cute as. Love it.


Super cool build


I love small, light builds with tails. This is amazing. Nice job!


How you get dickyho mounts to fit racerstar 5065 motors? I was told by dicky that it will not fix.

We were only able to line up two holes using washers. With blue loc-tite it has held solid with no issues after approx. a hundred miles or so.

We actually had issues with other parts of the mount coming loose at first(up/down adjustment). My buddy didn’t believe me about the severe vibrations and thought blue loc-tite would work for the mounting parts(he had to learn the hard way hee hee :p).

If we have issues with it i’ll make sure to report back.

I initially figured he would upgrade the motor eventually, but it puts out plenty of power for a build this size. I’ll talk him into a 6374 soon(which will line up fine).

How is the 5065 working? Does it handle hills? I’ve only used 5065 in a dual configuration.

At 140kv and 38-40T it still has surprising power(especially on a small board like that). It pulls up hills just fine.

The guy that rides that board is 200lbs. Speed on that board is about 20 mph give or take.


New grip tape coming soon


trucks look so big haha

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