I need the suggestions on motor mount for Paris V3.

   Lately, I would like to build my first budget but reliable electric skateboard as a alternative commuting way in the college campus. I've already had an skateboard(Loaded Omakase, 33.5"/Paris V3 truck /90mm Orangatang Kegel wheel) ,so I decided to transform it into electric skateboard with 6s battery and single 6355 motor.  And these are the components that I expect to build  and use:

Top speed:25~30km/hour
Range:10 ~15km

1.Flipsky Group S3 Electric Skateboard DIY Kits (Includes Standard FSESC4.12 and BLDC 6354 Motor)] $205 usd
Electric Skateboard DIY Kits | with VESC4 / 6354 belt Motor | Flipsky – FLIPSKY

2.2*3s11.1V 5400mah 35c XT60 *aroud $50usd *
縮短網址產生器 - reurl (from the local vendor in Taiwan)

  While the motor mount setup I still haven't decided what to use .

These are the options that I’m considering now

1.“CNC Paris motor mount for 50/63 motors for DIY eskate electric skateboard” Belt and Gears are also from this store.($65usd totally)

It seems to be great at this prize ,but I’m not sure whether it will work well on Paris V3 or not.

  1. “Single M1 Helical Drive + 184mm Hanger Kit” ($170usd)

Although the total cost is much higher ,the quality ,I believe, is excellent.

  1. Purchasing a new Caliber trucks (or a similar style trucks) along with the motor mount kit from Amazon or eBay, which costs around $100 to $130 USD."

vanpro: Component (AMAZON)

| eBay (EBAY)

Hope someone can give me some suggestions, which will help me a lot.

I wouldn’t use Paris trucks. They’re round, so mounting motors sucks. Highly recommend buying an entire drivetrain from boardnamics if you want something of decent quality (if shipping isn’t prohibitively expensive)

If you’re heavier, you may be able to bend caliber or Paris trucks as well. They aren’t meant for the abuse they’d see on an electric skateboard.

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If you’re in the US I can sell you some Cal II trucks and motor mounts

Thanks ,but I live in Asia now.

+1. We only used them back in the day when there weren’t many options. Far from ideal.

Yeah, basically, they are all what I’m considering about.

For small wheels like you have, I would recommend not getting the gear drives. They’re gonna scrape the ground very easily. Get a hanger and a motor mount and use belts.

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Wouldnt recommend paris trucks but if you really want to use them i found these. CNC Paris motor mount for 50/63 motors for DIY eskate electric skateboard | eBay

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@shawashankre If those :arrow_up: aren’t welded on the truck, they will fail.

They might fail even if they’re welded on.

It’s a really, really, really bad idea to mount motors on Paris trucks.