I need help getting my Raptor back from Enertion/Hyper Ion

I got my Raptor 2 in mid 2018 and for the entire time I had it, it was going through repairs. Lots of parts failed and I’m actually just glad I was never hurt on it. As frustrating as it was, Bara was always great at replying and helping me diagnose/fix my issues. I was also really glad to have a local RA to give my board to. It ended up being something in between a 2.0 and 2.1. Despite all the issues, I didn’t give up on the board/company 'cause I felt like it had potential, but it’s really smacked me the in the face now. I even helped Enertion’s video guy organise rides/events and let him crash at my place both times he came to NYC. He was cool, it just sucks to be treated like this by a company I helped. I co-founded NYC Eboarding in 2016 and am still actively involved in our community, so I really care about the successes and failures of the companies that are part of it.

Anyway, in October 2019, I paid to ship my board to fix several issues. I was told by Carl to send it to Cory (Hyper Ion) in Round Rock, Texas and that they would cover the return shipping. I was a little surprised that they were already using a new company since I’d heard that a lot of their employees at the time weren’t being paid. Maybe this should’ve raised a red flag for me, but I expected delays with repairing my board given the situation, I just never thought Jason would abandon ship (and basically try to sell it) with so many customers still on board.

Just after shipping my board, Carl announced that he was leaving Enertion, officially meaning no support staff. Around the same time, I discovered that Hyper Ion owed some DIY customers money and were very hard to get a hold of.

I’ve emailed Enertion and Cory multiple times, spoken with former Enertion employees, YouTubers, and retailers, and everyone tells me that they haven’t heard from Jason in months and have no idea what is going on with Enertion, so I’m running out of ideas.

Now, I fully expect Jason to try to get away with owing a lot of people a lot of money, so I’m asking for help with reaching Hyper Ion to simply get my board back so I can sell it and be done with Enertion once and for all. Has anyone heard from Cody again? Did people get their money back? Has anyone in Texas visited them? I can’t even file a chargeback claim since I bought the board as part of a group buy where we paid one person via PayPal. Any help here or via DM would be really appreciated. Thank you.

PS thank you to everyone running this forum. We need it now more than ever!


I’m so sorry for your loss man. You got double screwed by arguably the 2 largest failures of companies in the last year.

If you payed with a credit card, even through PayPal, gather all of your evidence of payments and chat history with enertion/hyperion and do a credit card charge back immediately.

Your credit card company wants you as a customer, they will help you.

Please keep us posted though, we love some drama.


The problem I mentioned is that I paid a forum member who organised the group buy via PayPal, not Enertion directly. I only paid Enertion for the shipping, which was more than 2 years ago. I think that’s the period restriction my bank has for chargebacks. I know because I recently got screwed for $800 USD by another company and my bank declined that chargeback for different reasons.

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Fuck Cory and Ben


Did the forum member you payed get screwed over?

I imagine they probably used a CC at some point and may be willing to do a charge back for your lost order.

I’ll check with him, it’s worth a try.

This is one of the worst luck situations I’ve seen here. Like Venom said, you ended up with two of the biggest oxygen thieves in esk8. I would say make peace with the idea that you will never see it again, and if it does come back to you, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I hope this doesn’t put you off esk8 entirely.


Not at all. I still have a few other boards and I ride every single day, but it doesn’t make the loss any easier. Just gonna be more careful with what companies I trust.


Yup, got to be careful. That’s why we built this:


I never though enertion was ever going to disappear, shit I was wrong, sad feelings for the creators of the best ESC ever created the Focbox Unity and the groundbreaking builders forum

I got my money back from hyperion via paypal case and fortunately I never had issues with my Raptor, only with the outter hub Wheels