I need an evolve at kit

evolve at kit needed cheapest price possible i can pay about 0-75 right now

0 to 750$?

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looking for this used image

Is an AT kit just wheels and pulleys?

yes it is

Can hardly get used urethane wheels without pulleys fit $75.

Might be better off with some of those cheap pneumatic tires and 3d printed pulleys.


new wheels https://haggyboard.com/products/senor-pepe-street-wheel-set-90mm-diameter-78a-durometer

Lol okay. I was talking more high end wheels. 100mm + but whatever

Good luck :roll_eyes:

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:roll_eyes: we’ve got another one boys

I always wonder if they like just don’t know, or if they are being purposely unreasonable lol

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im sorry i didnt know at the time of posting they cost 250 i thought they ccost 100 for a set

Haha you’re good. Most nice wheels are at least 100 bucks in this size range

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