I need a washer (?) with a square hole (?)

This is for the metasurf drives that some of us got but can’t use due to bent axles:

I want to try putting a band aid on it by putting a spacer here to fit this gap (recommended by MoeStooge):

So can someone make a spacer that’s got a circular perimeter with a square hole since it’s square where the drive mates to the hangar:

Not sure if I’m even making sense here.

If someone knows of a part I can use here, or can fabricate it for me, you will be compensated.

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oh damn. just like that. i like the way you do business.





So did they use 8mm axles on those?

The guy she tells you not to worry about…


Yupp, 8mm steel so it bends

Think you could file a caliber hanger down to fit In that square hole?

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No, the axles needs to go all the way through the motor. The axle being so long is what’s making it bend

Oh its direct drive not hub. I see nvm.

I bet someone like @akhlut could cut a one off single hanger. (Maybe? Idk really )

true, and there are a number of people with bent axles / hangars so could make a few to sell…

metasurf has been promising replacement hangars with titanium axles but it’s taking forever…

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Just use a round washer.

Measure the longest distance (rounded corner to rounded corner) This is the washer ID.

Measure the OD of the motor mount.


true, and now i feel dumb for not having thought of it.

i’ll try this out, see if it improves it.

if not, would you be up to fabbing a hangar for this? i could send you mine to sample off.

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Is MetaSurf still in business? I thought he was working on the fix

I mean filing a square hole in a thin brass/aluminum washer is trivial if you have a small vice and flat faced file, steel is a bit more effort but still not hard, especially for only 2

You’re playing with fire. Titanium will just snap instead of bend…

In the thread it mentions you cant over tighten the nut that holds everything together? Tightening it down adds strength to axle. You really need 12mm and a way narrower hanger tho

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Just send the dimensions of the face that I referenced in the picture (wire path too) and how thick you’d like the washer to be.

I think he wants to know if you can make a hanger. Not a washer.

I just need a hole! …

haha damn, cant believe some one didnt jump on that earlier too :wink:

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