I need a alien power systems remote

I can’t for the life of me figure out why everyone likes the thumb style remotes. I came from a evolve remote to now the maytech thumb $40 job and can’t stand it.

I get thumb craps, I have a massive thumb. It just can’t get the finesse the finger can.

If you guys have other suggestions for a finger style remote I’m all ears.

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A mini remote? Best quality per dollar ratio of actually reliable / $20


+1 for mini remote

The only way you’re getting a new aps remote is by buying the separate parts from the site and assembling them your self

Edit: nvm. I bought the last receiver 2 days ago…sorry :man_shrugging::pleading_face:

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Ahh poo

Why is alien not making anymore? I’ve been waiting for months

I’ll try the mini for sure.

Do you think that it’s a safety thing using the thumb style??
I will say I’ve sent my board flying and I’ve ended up on my ass serve times by bumping the trigger. But never with the thumb style.

Once at a stop light in front of some girls, they laughed at me :frowning:

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ships from australia

imo better than mini remote except the one I had had a fidgetty trim knob

doesn’t seem that they ship to the US

shoot them an email im sure they will for a sale.

I have the electric guts from one and maybe a shell

CLK got my the hook up with the new remote from aus!! Whoot whoot!!!
So now I’ll have the mini and the alien

anything to support aus eskate :slight_smile:

FYI: We were sent an APS remote for review. Had a fairly significant issue. @mmaner diagnosed and shared a fix with APS.They promised to send an upgraded/fixed one but never did. So not sure what you’ll get now.

Mini is a ridiculously good remote for the money.


Could you link to this review/issue/fix ?
All I’ve ever seen about this is that it was one of the only remotes he had never tested

I’ve considered buying the APS remote multiple times. On each occasion it always came down to ship time, they are in the UK (I think), or that it’s a front trigger instead of a thumb trigger (to which I am partial). I wish I had gone ahead and “pulled the trigger” (you see what I did there J) as it is impressive. I am still partial to thumb trigger remotes, but this one makes me question that commitment.

The remote itself is attractive and has a damned near perfect form factor. You’ll see that the trigger assembly is mounted at an obtuse angle from center, this makes it easier to relax your grip while maintaining control of the throttle. The remote has a soft, rubberized coating, making it easy to maintain grip and still keep clean.

The return response on the trigger is not great, it’s not what I would characterize as bad but it could definitely be better. As Bill Gordon is the guy who is typically the vendor contact, I asked him about setting up a call with APS to see if we could address this. He sent them an email and within a day they emailed us back and said “We can add stronger spring on return side. Let us know if you think that will resolve the issue”.

At the end of the day I am going to give this remote a 4.25 of 5, with the upgraded spring it will be a 4.75 and that’s about as high as I’m willing to go for a product that doesn’t buy me drinks and try to woo me :).

You can read a full review of the APS Remote in the upcoming article “APS EVT3…the good, the bad & there isn’t any ugly”.

-Mike Maner


Ah I had skimmed through that one. I thought you were speaking of a new article.
I dont think of this as a major issue. Worth noting though.

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If the return spring needs to be stiffer I might be able to do some custom spring work myself. Time will tell. At this point anything is better than the thumb job I have now.

Just in case anyone is wondering, i was told shipping is only good to be 6 to 9 days from aus.

They cut me a good deal to.

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maybe consider a modded GT2B Remote?