I made a esk8 in paper! Looking for feedback! Feel free to ask questions.


Just created an account and was told on reddit by the esk8 folks that this forum is a great place to be at - Have not been here before but so far I am impressed by everything going on here!

So yeah… I will be brutally honest now - Because I am at a dead end (roughly)

I’ve spent the last year developing a new electric skateboard (as a product to sell…) and there is a new super material from Sweden (that might actually take out carbon fiber in the future… maybe!) - This material has now been used to create the worlds first skateboard in paper.

The paper is pressed in high pressure using only stuff from the tree as a binder (As I understand it, I am not the material guy, only the guy who said let’s do it in paper)

…and the result is a strong board that can withstand jumps, tricks and even water!

Unfortunately it is made by hand and I only was able to make around 200 boards.

The board has the logo on the bottom and - No it is not drilled, nor printed or lasered.

The marks/logo is actually made inside the material (like carbon fiber strings). My personal preference is the black boards, but the brownish ones looks cool as well.

I have decided to try and sell these this summer as a “limited edition” and see how it goes. The material has been throughout tested on motorbikes and it has also been brutally tested on a regular skateboard - so we know it works quite well!


The board uses 600W dual motors with belt drive on the rear wheels. The battery pack is a 36 V 18650 Li-ion and the ESC is a special custom one in partner with MAD ESC that does electronics for drones etc. The battery pack is 50% done by me and by a partner that manufacturers plastic battery housings etc.

The grip tape has been done in 3 different versions, 1 that looks very “triangular” and one standard graphite/black and a white one. All of them have a thickness, like “soft” sponge to absorb the road.

I also created an app and added built in LED lights to the board and also included a USB outlet on the board that can charge phones etc.

But I have not been able to make USB C charging on this version however, but otherwise everything is in order.

The controller is a standard controller purchased from a supplier in Germany, otherwise most of the stuff are from Sweden (board, product box, motors etc)

I have so far assembled 100 boards myself in a garage in Sweden, Dalarna. Not recommended… +4 people would have been suited for that job.

But it is quite difficult to reach people to sell them to and I can’t really say who has made this material just yet. It is a research company and they will later go out officially worldwide with my partnership with them and I believe this will make the board have a “history” and a “stamp”.

I honestly do believe that the board itself will have a value in it in a few years, at least that is somewhat my thoughts around it… and the reason I did this!

I would really like some opinions on sales strategies and what you think, what I should do for the next version (these are limited but I will design a different type of board later, a smaller one or a longboard)

…If you like it, or if you do not like it etc… All opinions are welcome!

I will sell it for 500 USD (roughly) and I do think this will make a win-win if the board itself will be valuable in a few years. I won’t make much off this since it took me 14 months to do this and sleepness nights, but I believe more in creating and doing cool and unique stuff!

If all my work has been for nothing with the electric drive train, I could just sell the boards as is as regular skateboards with trucks… Problem is I have CNC:d holes for the battery mounts on all my 200 boards…

But I really hope I can sell these and make a community around it - and perhaps meet folks that want to change the world as well and someone might want to become partners in this or future projects… (if you want to help me sell these for example)

Sorry for the long post… Thanks for reading!

Maybe in the future I will release a skateboard without wheels…something else…


Very clean and unique looking offering. Don’t see a lot of popsicle deck esk8 here. That price point is quite palletable as well. Interested in seeing your progress!


needs a better remote, also regarding value part it will probably not hold the value any better than existing boards, skateboards get worn pretty quick and tech moves on

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Seems like you have a nice short board there. Can you post up all the specs? Make/model for the esc, battery, drive train. If you have details about the remote. If you have a website for ordering them a link. Also as the deck material seems to be your big selling point some of the research and testing you did or was done would be cool.

Sounds like cellulose fiber with a wood product binder? Cellulose is supposed to be a very strong durable fiber. Have you done any beta testing? Would be cool to hear from the testers


Short boards seem to be getting their time to shine at the moment though I wouldn’t count on just selling eskates. I’ve seen so many brands outside of China (and some inside) try and fail.

The closest to your farm factor that is based outside of China and has somehow made it this long (as far I know) is Bustin–2023 Yoface Hybrid Electric – Bustin Boards Co.

500 USD does sound like a competitive price point and traditional skaters exploring electric may be attracted to the deck shape. Or the last mile commuter. If I hadn’t build multiple last mile commuters, I’d certainly be interested in this.

Perhaps selling the deck standalone as well is a more viable option, long term at least?


Agreed pretty good looking board. Looks thin too! Curious how the inserts were done.


This is amazing! Would love to learn more about the material and manufacturing process. Do you have any resources to look at?

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There is also an app! But I actually fell off the board in 40km/h 2 days ago when I used the app… Asphalt struck my legs and arms… I had put the value on the slider to a bit much… It was only supposed to go to 30 km/h so yeah… Mistakes happens!

But that is because I had added a touch function so that the board was moving even if I released my finger from the phone… (Now I have added so that the board doesn’t move forward when I release my finger from the screen)

Regarding the value - I was more thinking if somebody “put it away” for a while since that is what people did with for ex. Boosted boards (but yeah they had the brand)

Thanks for your input!

Thanks! I can post all the specs here - The website is up and running actually but I figured I would try the market section here later!

I can show some bits, like testing with tricks etc - But I cannot post much about the core details of the material just yet since it is still not “public”. All the data will be published in september (that is what I have been told).

Make of the ESC is MAD - 60A (a custom esc made specially for skateboarding) and it is programmed by me.

Battery is basically 18650 cells and a basic BMS circuit board. With a standard charger of 60W - 36 V - 10S

I think the boards are made of 200 sheets of paper or similar. The product binder is unknown to me at the moment. But you are probably on to something!

It is been a lot testing, basically for 2 years - Mostly all internal (friends and family) since I was justr recently I got OK to show the material and the board.


Oh and yes…

45 km/h top speed (not recommended) - I actually made it go 50 the other day but was slammed on to the asphalt (my fault - the app was not finished)

with a speed of 20km/h it is a range of 30km (roughly) maybe a bit more.

My record is 43 km in one charge. Breaking is done by shorting the motors so that they become a generator - Works very effiecently actually. (I guess all boards has this actually)

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If you want to know the manufacturing of the actual board - Then you will have to wait a bit! But all of the other things I am happy to share!

I believe it is standard inserts, but they added something else after the first tests!

It is kind of a situation where “I know some but I don’t know it all” about my product. At the moment at least.

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*it was 52km/h for 3-4 seconds according the the logs - My memory is a bit “foggy” during the fall and afterwards.

But I am OK now!

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Some testing with the ESC

*to the

Either I am still a bit shaken or not proof reading… :grinning:

I just saw I could edit the post instead of deleting it… Oh well.

more pictures below:


I believe I use a very similar material to make furniture, the one I use is parchment paper layers bonded with phenolic based resins, it is an extremely tough material, but is also very heavy.

Can we see a freshly cut section of your material?

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How thick is the deck? And have you tried making a battery and ESC enclosure with the same material?

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I’m getting some mixed info here and it’s sending up some flags…

The material is not public but you have access to enough to make 200 decks?

Did you press the decks yourself or was the work farmed out? I assume not pressed by you since



I am tryign to do best of what I know and can say at the moment :sweat_smile:

But it somewhere between “from the tree and I don’t know” :sweat_smile: