I fell. How do I fix it?

I was doing the first real ride just around the block of the improved version of my first board. Its running dual TB 6355s over my old build of 650 watt hubs and I could feel there was so much more power. Then suddenly my thumb twitched or something and I accelerated then braked suddenly getting thrown off the front a good 8 feet. My brand new jacket got holes in it and my hands were a little cut but it was nothing major. I want to know if there is any way I can program the VESC to act more like my old Dickyho ESC with slow acceleration/brake without the loss of torque and hill climbing ability from reducing the amps? The new board is very twitchy and I want to start out slow and easy like my old board. I tried changing the throttle curves and it got a little easier to control, but its not like the old ESC where you could put on full throttle and be gently brought up to full speed.

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@BluPenguin probably mentions it already but you could extend your throttle/acceleration curve in the vesc settings. What remote do you use?


Either that or the curve itself (maybe even both) :smiley:

I for one use the flipsky vx1, the 3 different speedmodes basically change the acceleration, not the top speed. In the first mode it takes some while but still gets all the way up.

(In this case its just speed, not brake.)

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With more power comes more responsibility.

Wait not that quote… You can’t really, more power means more power ramping within the same remote throw. You can drastically increase the throttle ramp up/down time, but it will still reach full power after that time. If you want to put on full throttle and have the board accelerate softly, you have to lower the power, which defeats the purpose.

If your remote has different power settings, try riding on a lower setting until you are used to it and increase it as you go. Or lower your power settings in vesc and increase it as you get more used to the extra power. Or just go easy and learn the board. There’s no “trick” to making a powerful board feel softer, you wanted the power, now you have it.

Edit, if you increase throttle ramp up time to over 1.5 seconds, and down time to 1 second or so, the acceleration will become much more manageable at the sacrifice of fast throttle response time. You can progressively turn that down as you become more skilled on it.

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I am using the TB nano remote so I don’t think I have the option for speed modes, just different channels. I just checked the ramping times and they are set at the .30 and .20 still so I probably need to change that. I think I have my motors set at 30 and -15 so I’m still far from the 60 that they can do which seems kind of scary to me as a beginner. :neutral_face:

Increasing those ramping times will definitely help with the jerk but the max acceleration won’t change.

THe nano has 2 speed modes…kinda…

Make sure that you do the input setup with the top mode. Once completed you can switch down and use the “second” speed mode, but i think it just cuts everything to 50% or 75%? In that matter i really can recommend the vx1. Haven’t touched my nano ever since.

So in general :

  • maybe the vx1 as an upgrade
  • increase ramping time
  • adjust acceleration/braking curve

Those ramping times are too short. I run 0.6 up and 0.3 down and I find that “aggressive” on high power sleds. I would say for getting used to the board and “learning”, 0.9/0.6 is minimum, and more wouldn’t hurt. I can’t imagine 0.3/0.2 for anything comfortable other than short track racing.


Thank you all for helping me so quickly, ill let you know the results once I get some more PPE (Dont worry I was wearing a helmet) and change those settings.