I fell HARD on the CGT

Couple nights ago I was out doing a night ride with a buddy on my custom CGT. We were flying through a parking lot at almost full speed and all of the sudden I was flying through the air and then slammed into the ground. I hit one of these bad boys straight on, I didn’t even see it at all…I literally JUST turned off my flashlight seconds before…(not the exact one i hit):

I was probably going about 25. I landed a good 10 feet away from it and cleared the whole thing.

Luckily, I had a helmet on because I definitely hit my head. Shoulder hurts pretty bad, but all my movement is there even if it hurts so nothing seems to be broken. I was able to walk away. Skinned knees/elbows ect… The actual impact actually hurt just as much as hitting the ground…

Luckily the way the board is the pneumatic wheels hit first not my deck. I hit it so hard my baseplate on my trucks is destroyed. I’m surprised the base plate broke and not the deck:

Even with the broken trucks I was still able to limp ride it home, so that was a plus.

Worst part? My board lights came in the mail the next day :weary:

I already have the replacement parts so I’ll be back up and riding. Use your lights and wear your helmets folks!


Careful with the shoulder man.
I had a bad accident and didn’t realize i had a bunch of impact fractures in my shoulder.

Glad you walked away from it tho.
Helmet lights are where its at.


Ouch man seems painful. It seems to be getting better. Have to work so I’ve been working through it ok.

Nothing a day ending doobie can’t fix.

I agree, lighting is a must for me now.


Listen to @skunk 's advice

Micro fractures are no joke. If you have good health insurance it might be worth it to get an xray. It will save you alot of pain down the line

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Sadly in the USA there’s frequently an “if” when it comes to deciding whether to obtain healthcare or not.

“Hmm, I don’t know, can we afford an extra $2k of expense this month?”


Luckily I work for the County now, good benefits.

Also lucky, the new insurance just kicked in the day before my fall.


I agree, its a disaster. But with my copay for an xray last year, i spent $75.

I agree with the trump thing for the most part, but lets not bring politics on this site lol. I have never once seen it end well on any social platform.


Was it Wednesday cause i crashed Wednesday. Glad you’re ok bro im surviving this dizziness still from the concussion atm. Glad i had my helmet on. Slid on my head for a good 10 feet. I was going about the same speed. 22mph


And cue the best helmet crash video ever…

Seriously glad you’re ok @Fiori, and you too @Kingdom421

How’s the helmet look?

Mine after my worst crash for reference:


You funny bro. 2k this month vs 5k per year.

Edited to remove political stuff per request by others

Get your self checked out man. Its not fun dealing with unhealed problems down the line cause you never got checked out.

I have a torn rotator cuff I need surgery on from my bad accident last year when my front wheel locked up at 30+mph


I suddenly feel silly for not checking my wrist from a fall 3 weeks ago (still hurts). Sweden has free healthcare :joy:


Whenever you post, I think of this guy.


Your not the only one

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Myes, I only use mjolnir for spotwelding batteries nowdays tho. (sorry for ruining the thread with selfies)


Whenever I think of that guy, I wonder why he can’t use the wrist strap properly.

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Because he throws it regularly…

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The all love taxes though…
Same with Germany.

I have customers and suppliers all over the world. I have never once heard anyone from anywhere say they love taxes, let alone two entire countries full of people. What would make you think such a thing?