I can't edit a post?

Either I’m blind or there’s something wrong with my account. I can’t seem to edit my own posts, even immediately after posting.

I finished the discobot tutorial twice. I have the problem even in the advanced tutorial.

The only way to get past that step is to delete the post, which counts as editing it.

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Basic (new) users can’t edit right away.


But according to that blog post, I should be able to edit my own posts within 24 hours.

“explaining that new users may be temporarily limited for safety reasons” kind of alludes to it

The tutorial with @discobot gets you promoted pretty quickly.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

I did finish both of discobot’s tutorials.

Whoa you really are not new looking at your read time and topics viewed… Perhaps you took a hiatus from the forum and it’s catching back up.


Make this guy a Reggie again?

Indeed, I did not log in for a long time. But after coming back, it looks like some of my privileges were removed with no easy way of getting them back.

I bumped you up to level 2. is that where you were when you left?

Wow, Twinsen of Wube? Very cool to see you here, I’m a big fan.


Not sure. But I’m sure I was able to edit posts.

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Small world :slight_smile:


Wait are you one of the guys who made Factorio? That’s cool AF.


Too many hours in Factorio send help.