I bought knock off Leatt Dual Axis knee pads so you dont have to.

Obviously, using knock off or shitty PPE is not recommended, I mostly did this for science as I was curious. Quick and dirty write up for anyone curious.

At first glance, they look nearly identical. Every small geometric detail is visible in the knock off, but upon closer inspection, it’s pretty evident that they come from different molds.

Small details like the flare around the strap clip are absent on the real deal. I was hoping that these were from the same factory/mold as the real thing, but unfortunately they are not.

Next is the material choice.

Both sets of pads had tags on them detailing the material makeup which revealed very similar material composition. The main hard brace of the pads are made out of polypropylene, although the real Leatt knee pads have a more smooth texture, which will likely lead to you sliding better in the event of a fall. Otherwise, both sets of knee pads flex similar amounts and display very similar superficial properties. Moving on to the interior, the padding feels identical. I tried shuffling them around and trying to guess which is which, but they just feel the same to me. They even look the same. The mesh air intakes on the fakes felt cheaper and weak, but is much more porous than the Leatts. The elastics and clip also felt nearly indistinguishable to me. Unfortunately, the fakes have a stiffer knee hinge, where it made steps feel a little heavier. The difference isnt huge, but it was clear while wearing one of each. it’s fine for bending your knees while skating, but walking longer distances with these on will be worse than the real Leatt pads.

Shitty uninformed conclusion: Will these protect you? Probably, just not as much as the real Leatt Dual Axis. Honestly, Dual Axis are moto grade, meaning they are generally way overbuilt for what we are doing on skateboards. If you ride ~20mph (32km/h) and were looking for knee pads, these will likely do the trick for just 30% of the cost. Of course, i’m not a professional, I dont know what i’m talking about, take my conclusions with a grain of salt and make your own decision. Thanks for coming to my TED talk. Here’s the link.

(BTW, the “one size” is the Leatt size L/XL. If you have skinny legs these aint gonna work for you.)


i also bought a set from taoboa and found the elastic velcro strap isn’t as stretchy as leatt :man_shrugging:t2: also it smells very plastic on my set

They feel about the same to me. Are yours the same brand as mine? Seems there are a few different knock off molds.

ya same brand, riding something, logo looks the same with silver colour


Are your leatt pads old? I’m comparing new knockoffs to new leatts. My old leatts kicked the bucket after two years (strap broke)

worn it maybe 2 or 3 times only

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Trying to break down the material differences to see if they even matter is a pain in the ass, but I tried anyway.

Short version: the knock off has 1% less rubber in it, more polproylene (5% more), and possibly more textile material (2%). The knock off has no metal which may or may not matter and might be replaced by the extra polproylene.

Only real significant difference is probably in the construction methods used for the fabric, and potentially the fabric being less durable. I can’t tell for sure based on the materials and photos

Extra shit here if anyone cares

For the difference in materials, I believe “PP material” is meant to be Polypropylene and they shortened it to fit it on the tag. For the other materials there is no easy way to compare them to see if there are any significant changes since they use materials that can act as a hard plastic or as a textile (acetate, polypropylene, and nylon).

For “SBR” that is just them shortening Styrene-butadiene rubber to fit on the tag. The knock off having 1% less of it might be why it doesn’t bend as well but it is such a small difference that it probably doesn’t matter.

The knock off has 52% (polyester and high foam) of vague plastic textiles in it which could be close to even to the Leatt version if acetate, and nylon are being used as a textile (acetate + nylon + polyester = 50%) plus some of the “other” material could be in the textiles

The lack of metal might be an issue but I can’t tell where metal is used on the Leatt version.So it could be an issue or it doesn’t matter at all. I think some of the extra PP material could be used to replace whatever is metal on the Leatt version. I can’t tell from the photos.

This was a complete waste of time just to find out that the difference in materials don’t make a huge difference. I thought there would be a significant difference hiding in the knock off that would make it clear it isn’t as good as the Leatt version. :weary:

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