I am a beginner and want to get some skateboard suggestions

I am from Vancouver and I have never done electric skateboarding before, not even a traditional skateboard. Because I am a beginner, I don’t want to spend too much money right now.

I recently see some ads from Uditer skateboard, it seems like it is a relatively new company, so I also found some common recommendations from Google like Meepo and Wowgo to do some comparisons.

They are all around the $500-600 range. One thing I notice is that WOWGO only has 11 miles range, whereas Meepo and Uditer have a 20 and 25-mile range. Are 11 miles range from WOWGO3 enough?

Meepo V3: $599
WOWGO 3: $499
Uditer W3/S3: $499
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In terms of battery, it looks like Uditer has a better battery. Does it need to take out the battery to charge and does it take a lot of effort to take the battery out from Meepo or Wowgo? I think I wish to know if I ride at a moderate speed, how long can I ride for 10 and 20 miles range?

Meepo V3 Battery: 36V/288Wh(Built-in battery)
Wowgo 3 Battery: 36V/180Wh(Built-in battery)
Uditer W3/S3 Battery:36V/328Wh(swappble battery)

Meepo & WOWGO battery is 10S2P, Uditer battery is 10S3P. Uditer seems to be better and it can be easily swapped if by looking at the picture?

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The wheels look to be the same for all of them.

In terms of the deck, is maple better or Bamboo fiberglass better?

Meepo: Maple
WOWGO: bamboo fiber glass
Uditer: bamboo fiber glass

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For ESC, They also look to be similar.


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Overall, I am kind of trying to decide between Meepo vs Uditer but Uditer price is cheaper for 20 miles range. The battery is also better. Since they look to be a new company, I don’t know if the quality or service is good. Appreciate if anyone could share some opinions or suggestions.


For a beginner, I would advise testing some boards from locals and just see what rides the best. If that’s not possible, you should decide between two kinds of boards.
Prebuilt or DIY:
Prebuilt is for getting into esk8. Meepos are generally the best bang for your buck. Maybe buy a used Meepo and see if you like it. These generally sell for less than 200 bucks. It’ll get you into esk8 and u’ll have some fun.
You’ll ride that board until someone lets you try their DIY and you instantly get hooked. More power, range and much better board control.
So you decide to build one yourself. But you don’t have the knowledge.
Again, there are two options:
Something like a kit or sourcing all the parts yourself.
The BKB Duo for example is an easy and well put together kit to get you started.
Then there is real DIY. This means sourcing all the parts yourself. So you spend endless nights on this forum, ask every question, read thousands of threads and at the end realize, you’re building a 2000$ board. But you’re happy because that board rides amazing, u learned new skills and made good friends along the way.

Happy building mate c:


No - The boards all have a charging port, and you plug the charger right into the board. For the Uditer, you can probably charge the batteries externally, but it looks like an MT60 connector so you’d have to figure out how to interface with it.

That’s pretty easy. At 10 MPH (ten miles per hour), it will take you one hour to ride ten miles. If you ride faster, you will cover the distance faster. So at 15mph you will cover ten miles in 40 minutes.

Obviously it’s not perfect, because riding faster also uses more energy, so you get less range the faster you go.


To be honest, I don’t trust the uditer a bit.

No info on what cells they use, they are a low capacity cell with 2.6Ah. Only because it has 3p doesn’t mean it’s better, it does have more Wh but they don’t help if you might sag to hell with your board because they can’t give enough power.

Proprietary battery enclosue/case ? No thank you. Upgradeability limited.

They don’t seems to be hobbywing hubs, at least i think so by how the wheel overhangs.

The wowgo has the flexiest deck.
Meepo is on the stiffer side
Uditer ??

Wowgo has the better esc
Meepo has the stronger esc (but sketchier)
Uditer also seems to use a similar variant to wowgo ( can be programmed differently)

Meepo has 100mm sleeves
Wowgo does not
Uditer has 90mm or clouds

The meepo v3 price has gone waaay up as it was 430ish $ before


I’d throw in Backfire as well, they’re also a reliable option, and probably have the best customer service of the big budget board brands.

I used to do a lot of work / community stuff around budget boards.
The meepo V3 is the best board sub 500 IMO. Don’t bother with any chinese brands but (in no particular order)

  • vestar
  • verreal
  • AEBoard (Kinda meh)
  • Backfire
  • Exway
  • Wowgo
  • Meepo
  • Ownboard

and maybe a couple others I don’t remember. Just ask here i guess before making any other purchases :slight_smile:

Hey, these are all great beginner boards. If I could add the Beast Board Viper for $599. 28 mph and 20 miles of range with a 12s battery. We made a video on it and thought that it was a great board especially with the wheels. Here’s a link to it: Beast -Viper Belt Drive Electric Skateboard ( Support US warehouse del – Beastboard . And don’t worry its not an affiliate link lol.

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Those wheels are new, right? I don’t think I’ve seen them before :thinking:

They came with the board when it came out

It really depends on what you want to do with the board. The Chinese boards are okay if you just want to try the hobby and cruise around.

If you already know that you want to seriously get into the hobby you should probably build a diy or diy kit. You will likely outgrow the prebuilt board in less than a month if you are after power and speed😉


^Very well said^

love the beastboard but the wheel holes trigger my Trypophobia so bad

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I bet, you should see the AE board wheels

I wouldn’t say you need “exceptional” balance abilities to go that fast, just a basic sense of balance. you only need exceptional balance if you’re hitting the 40mph+ range

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Nobody needs balance, just TSG DHP’s & good slide gloves w/scaphoid protection.

Nothin gets ya going like the first few high speed crashes.

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How about mini cruisers? These skateboards also have their trademark big, soft wheels. However, their decks are narrower. Because this cruiser type works best for beginners or smaller skateboarders. Other ideas??