Hypertruck Bushing Adapters for Matrix III trucks

Been looking at Hypertruck Bushing adapters for the Matrix III trucks on a board I am working on.

I looked at @xsynatic’s bushing risers and Radium’s Matrix II adapters for inspiration. I preferred not cutting the bushing so I wanted to make an angled surface adapter for the top of the bushing to sit against the baseplate. I initially tried to make the baseplate adapter compatible with the Radium bushing seats but unfortunately they are a tad too thick to be able to fit everything inbetween the baseplate and the hanger.

So this means I will try two new adapter plates per bushing. @RipTideSports helped me with getting some of their awesome bushings (thanks Brad!) and I set off to design something. Already went through some 3D-printed iterations and I’m pretty happy with the preload I am getting on the bushings at the moment. Next step is to CNC a set for actual testing. Will order the material this week.

Here’s a render, cross section view and some pictures of the trucks with the 3D printed adapters.


Alo :wave:
Any updates on these?

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Maybe of use


The stock m3 blocks seem decent to me not sure there would be a need for these? I tried the riptide blocks and adaptors left over from my m2 trucks and went back to the stock as they felt just as good. Having the different positions makes a big difference.

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Unfortunately they are parked at the moment, price will be too high. I would have to sell a full set (two trucks) for around 80 euros to be able to make it even remotely viable.

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That’s interesting and good to hear, I still have to put some miles on my MIII’s to get a better feel of the stock adjustments.

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