HuX FluX ElectroluX

My first board was a Trampa. Didn’t really like how flexy and flat it was. I also missed riding on thanes. Sold it pretty soon after and bought a street Bioboard.
I love to carve that thing. It’s exciting to say the least but it’s not very practical.

Now I want to try something new. I like how the Flux looks and I know it’s stiff. The fact that the enclosure can hold a big battery is a plus. A big minus is that Flux doesn’t answer emails and it seems a bit difficult to source the AT2 kit. Fortunately. @mackann had a brand new kit he offered me at a discount. Thanks buddy you’re the best!

I have been harassing some of our more prominent builders here like @Skyart. Thank you for your advice. You have been very helpful. And @rusins who not only shared his knowledge but also sold me many of the parts I needed/wanted for my project. Such as straight steel Moon drives 11:59 ratio, a brand new GO-FOC D75 and Lunas with zero and fifteen degree baseplates and a bunch of Riptide bushings. Thank you! @approachinglogic who isn’t MIA anymore hookede up with brand new Rockstar II, tubes and tires. Motors will be from @Boardnamics since I already have an order pending for M1 helical drive and 220 hangers for the street board.

Battery will be a 16s6p p42a built by @Seabjorn one of few who makes a living out of building batteries and eskates. He is also an awesome guy! Thank you!

He will also help me with the build since I dont have the time nor the qualifications to build it to my own very high expectations :joy: I want something that looks good, works good, rides good and packs a nice punch. Most of the stuff is in the mail. I’m pretty stoked right now.

Flux AT2 DIY kit


Moon drives 9:44

16s6p p42a
LTT smart bms

Reacher 6384 205kv

Luna 350 15°-0°

MBS rockstar II

Flipsky vx4


Sounds an awful lot like an upgraded version of @Rudi’s board :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope all the parts serve you well!

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Does Rudi have a build thread?

Sounds like a fun street killer. What don’t you like about flexy boards?

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Also, sounds like you too need those new Radium wheels to get close to the thane feels, but more grippy practicality of pneumies.


I don’t know. I like my boards stiff and trucks loose :heart_eyes:


I was planning on buying smaller wheels but i cheaped out when i got a bargain on the Rockstars. Kind of regretting it already :joy:

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Radium wheels aren’t out yet, and you’ll need the enclosure clearance :stuck_out_tongue:


7 inch wheels would work right? I’ll just try it as it is. And figure it out from there.

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I rode 7 inch wheels on my Flux for a while and it was great.

I would probably still be running 7s but the gearing didn’t work out when I switched to gears…


Sounds like those guys harassed you into going for an unreasonably large battery voltage for the build :rofl:

Also meanwhile I’m over here so closed to finished with my build and haven’t bothered to make a build thread yet :rofl: No shade though, I just want to wait until the first stage is done before putting one together and I am also VERY skilled at putting stuff off.

Getting a bunch of extra bushings from other people on here is also very helpful since otherwise you might not want to buy more just to find out they don’t work for you. I too received a bag full of them and really need to try and look up the durometer of them all since right now I am choosing which ones to use based on what color looks best :rofl: my surfadapter does most of the carving work anyway so they don’t matter as much on my trucks


Beautiful! What wheels are those?


HV is hype right now. Look at the gearing also. Quite torqey.

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Those were the Kaly Hellcat wides.
They are sitting on the shelf now because I put on the new MBS wheels which are super nice looking too, I think…


I was planning on buying those wheels and Matrix trucks at first but then things changed :joy: They are beautiful. Is it the regular or XL?

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these are the XL.
they are a bit different than the Kaly in that the MBS does not actually stretch the width of the tire on regular 7 or 8 inch tires.

the wider outer lip is for 9 inch tires.

but I am really happy with them so far.

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Did you feel that there was any benefit with stretched tires? @rafaelinmissouri

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I’m a big fan of 7" wheels on the Flux. Feels more nimble.


For me dude I was not able to really tell any difference in ride feel or behavior.

Other people may have noticed a difference but I really didn’t.

So all I got out of it was the cool look.
Which is in fact really cool.


That thing looks dangerous :fire:
Tell me more about it!

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