Hummie hubs vs Enertion hubs which are most powerful?

I would like to know what the most powerful hubs are. For example if you would exchange the Raptor 2.1 hub’s with Hummies, which would be more powerful at the same kv?

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Just do hummies, Craptor hubs aren’t where it’s at


Please just look at gear from other perspectives other than power

Its the last thing I look at


Like looking at availability. Neither of these are available.


What other good hubs are out there? Hummie, MAD, Neo…

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Mellow for sure.


If going for quickest just off the line with same current maybe the raptor as it’s got a bigger steel stator so could produce a stronger magnetic field without saturating. Vedder’s new position control thing, forget the name, showed the stator he used would saturate at I think around 50 amps and would lose positioning. I forget what size motor he was using but based on the length and diameter of the stator it could be compared. Wouldn’t have to do with the winding resistance.


Maybe we’ll meet some day @Chricious and I’ll show you my Hummies. As I stated more than once before: Hummies are the Rolls Royce of hubs. I just returned from a test drive with my 4wd elofty rocket carrying my Hummie hubs board. When the battery was empty I swapped and carried the 15kilo thing which were like 105 kilos altogether. My board still pushed me up major inclines with no big effort (12s4p@2x(60A motor, 45A battery)).


I’m sorry I didn’t specify my question. I’m not interested in any brand or circumstances. Just wanna know which is the most powerful hub any produced. I am very impressed with the power of the Raptor and how it’s on pare with the most powerful AWD hub motor boards out there.
I’ve never gotten the chance to ride Hummies, or Mads so far and I think no one rode Neos yet. Bustins are not so powerful as I know and Neos will be probably similar on power. When it comes do direct driver, I don’t like the Elofty, since they are not really powerful in 2WD. But it do like the TB though. I tested once TB DD vs Raptor V2.1 with the batter, VESC, setting and they wore quite same powerful. But I still would chose hubs over DDs due to the clearance problem. But yeah, interesting to know that the Hummies are not more powerful than Enertions. Out of the tip of my head I thought it would be wise versa.

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Regardless of all the Product Ambassador-ship in this thread, I’ll answer like this.

I gave a set of Raptor hubs away. I have 10k miles on my Hummie hubs.


with the kv being slightly different and different wheel diameter its not going to be possible to really compare if youre looking at off the line quickness. even in the esc you could have the same current setting for motor and battery but theres other variable and maybe a motor would work better with ….I forget the term…essentially different timing or firing of the electromagnets in relation to the rotor position. advance or something. but if you reaaaally just want to know the max torque possible and assuming all settings are the same, but maybe you adjust the timing for the different motors, its going to be the motor with the bigger diameter stator with more iron and the smaller overall wheel.
the idea of “most powerful” is a mixed bag and could be talking about max torque (like im describing), or continuous power output without melting or hitting some temp based on possibly the demagnetization of the magnets or there could be other temp limits.
the max torque output would even be curved line and you could get more torque out of a smaller motor with more current and saturation isn’t a hard line. gunna get hotter as the line of current to torque output curves and breaks from the linear relationship as it saturates but still increasing torque, just increasing how inefficient.


Thanks for the explanation. I was referring to most power (KW). I think not just the diameter of Enertion is bigger, even the stator length should be larger since they have 80mm wheels.

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Don’t waste your time with MAD hubs, or if you do only use the 75kv version. The 130kv are crap.

From a barbeque perspective,id say raptor hubs are more powerful. Few minutes and you can cook some steak on dem badboys.

Personally I own madhubs, soon the new hummies(poke poke @hummieee) and have some older hummies as well. Hubmotors are different beasts. If you want power and torque, belt/geardrive is your answer. If you want absolute silence and good feeling coasting, hubs are great. Just my two cents.


Who the fuck… besides NGV / NextBoard… would bother with anything over 90KV for a 1 to 1 ratio in an environment where heat can barely if at all be dissipated because of the not-enough-urethane-anyway sleeve and everyone is running 42 to 50 volt systems while constantly cranking up their amps for no real reason other than they can?


I did. big brain

I can’t even remember how I ended up choosing them but it sucked a 10s4p of 25r dry in ~10 miles with a 160lb rider :joy:


As long as it was For Science.

I just hope you told somebody to hold your beer. The mood needs to be set correct.


The raptor motors are massive. They might beat any hub motor currently out there for the first 2-3 minutes. Then all that power and heat catches up to it real quick. Then it’s either thermal throttling or your motor’s on fire.


I get excited to ride my hummies. I’m scared to ride my Raptor. But, the raptor hubs I think are more powerful, if that’s the only metric we’re talking about.

Thanks @hummieee for the opportunity to ride your awesome creations, deck and hubs. I’ll be ever grateful.