Hummie Hubs + extra wheels for sale $600

For those that don’t know…these are the best hub motors money can buy. Do a search for Hummie hubs kickstarter thread if you doubt me.

Item: brand new set of Hummie hubs, extra wheels, baseplate, full front truck
Cost: $600 + shipping
Location: Southern California



dumb question, but is anyone running these yet? I can’t find anybody in a search that has them on a board and raving about them.


As much as id wanna buy those, for 400 a buddy picked a full build R2.1 pristine condition and arguably second best Hubs to Hummies. Though hummies would be smoother (slightly better cp)

They look new/ why did you not use them because they look great !


There is a reason the R2.1 went for 400 bucks though


Hummie’ s manufacturing process took a couple years and my build went a different direction. They are brand new. Never even mounted on a deck.

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Yeah I’m surprised no Hummie (kickstarter version) builds have shown up yet. These took a couple years to manufacture, so I suspect a lot of folks are like me and went a different direction.

That said these things are freaking robust! I built a board using torqueboards direct drive motors, which are pretty solid and the Hummie hubs feel much higher quality. The manufacturing tolerances within the hubs are visibly tighter.

Cos that’s what the unity is worth


@Linny has a board with them on it. Not sure if he rode it yet :smiley:


Yea build is not finished yet haha

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Shockly - and ive had over 6 raptors (i used to refurbish them aka ive worked out the design errors)

for 400 bucks was a bargin the cells are 3 years old but otherwise it’s a perfect board. Older motors/no heat issues. (dual focboxes not unity) adding a metr and some conformal coating/silicone some of the wiring for water ingress and it’s definatly worth more than what i paid.


The longer these sit on my workbench, the more tempting a new build sounds


The raptor is not a bad board. It’s just the thane. It is known for chunking, this has been thoroughly proven imo. Ride at your own risk but don’t promote them next to @hummieee hubs. That’s just disrespectful knowing how much time he put in perfecting the urethane sleeves.

There are serious issues with the raptor motors. I also wouldn’t trust the SPACE batt. But thats just my 2 cents.


Price drop for those folks looking to buy themselves a sweet present.