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Hummie Deck EU GB

I want to get a hummie deck but there are non in the EU
If we could get at least 15 orders I would order them from China to me through @hummieee and forward them to you, you would have to find an enclosure yourself but we all know there is @BigBen for that

Im assuming the price would be less than 140e shipped, still got to find boxes and check the shipping with the post

So if you are interested in a deck, maybe even a battery with click vote down below

  • I want a deck
  • I want a deck as well

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This is the best deal around on a deck with a great rep.


You’ve just got to jump through 600 hoops and do a blackflip to get one. No thanks.


Not so hard. Just put name on form, pay, then wait. Or pay like 50$ more and I think DIYElectricSkateboard will have pretty much the same coming soon.

Eu people someone needs to get a bunch to make the shipping cheaper and I don’t want to send them all individually that way

I wrote the prices and would add ONE DOLLAR to my cost per deck for eu people who get ten or more. Hard to whine about that. Or just get one and have it sent to @Acido and he can reship I think