Hub motor cooling

Hi, I’m finding my hunbs are getting really hot. Is there any way of getting some extra cooling? They are 83mm Chinese hubs running 10s. Its on a folding build so space is too tight for larger hubs of belt drive. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks jamie

Drop motor amps if you’re using a vesc

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I’m not using a vesc unfortunately because of the lack of space in the build. It’s a wowgo 3 esc(hobbywing) I’m. Not sure what amps it outputs.

probably too much for the hubs.

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u r out of luck then, time to vesc it :joy: the enclosure have just enough space for a xenith or 2x tiny v6 escs

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Unfortunately no room for a vesc now in my enclosure. I would have preferred a vesc. I was more thinking if there was any way to help the cooling of the motors.

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not really as that prob will require rebuilding the motor or the hanger
unless you ahve access to some metal working machinery maybe you could add a heatsink to the truck to increase mass

That’s a great idea. I’d not though of using the truck to disapate some heat.


a what now? u JP?


thermally conductive paste between motor and hanger maybe

Thank you, I’ll try that. Have you ever used ferro fluid? I know that sometimes people use it for ebike hub motors. Supposedly better heat conduction.

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its good but with a hub motor youd be transferring from the stator to the rotor and then with the rotor being encased in rubber it likely wont be getting farther out. also depending on you pu it might make it softer and come off


That’s a good point, I really don’t want to add more heat to the pu. I’ll try to improve the heat distribution to the trucks.

like on the raptor hubs maybe something to put on top to increase surface area and mass

Try adding a straight cut axial fan metal cover to both sides of the motor structure, tightly attached and with some thermal paste to raise thermal mass and dissipation.

It will look wonky but will help

a scoop one side and fan the other would work. the fan side will always pull the air out. but then youre pulling in all kinds of debris into the motor to get stuck to the magnets.


Supporting discussion here: what do you think about adding just some holes to hubs to improve basically non existing airflow? my previous sk3 motor was just fine with all debris it got on itself. Im thinking to do so to hubs, please share your thoughts - just drill some holes on inner sides. Also thinking of adding thermal paste to the axle