Hub motor and VESC Conundrum

One of my Jacob hub motors finally went deed. I took it apart and noticed one of the phase wires just hanging out by itself. Not quite sure where it went so cant try and put it back. I would like to keep rolling with them but don’t really want to rewind them. So here is the question-

  1. Is there someone that could rewind for me, or
  2. willing to sell them both cheap

VESC (or whatever they are called now) - I bought them from TB before Christmas and just got around to testing them. Couldn’t use the VESC tool with them because these was no boot loader or firmware so the tool didn’t recognize the VESCs. I aske TB if I could send them back so he could make them work and he told me no and they weren’t supported anymore. So I did what anyone else with more time than money and googled how to do this. I bought an ST Link v2 loaded the firmware.

Here comes the rub - when the Jacob motor went bad I thought I blew the VESCs that I originally put in there. I tried the other TB VESCs and heard a pop - damn it! those were new VESCs - it was the phase wire that shorted out both VESCs. So…here is another question.

  1. is there someone in the US that could fix them for me, or
    2 Does someone want a couple VESCs that are blown somehow. no visible black marks but no lights come on when plugged in.


@JohnnyMeduse may be able to help with vesc repair.
Pretty sure Jacob’s hubs got copied so there may be cheap alternatives.

Hope you can repair them OP, worst case there are plenty of better drive trains around to upgrade to!

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I know, I have another belt driven board but I’m old and set in my ways. I hate having this cool estate stuff hanging around that doesn’t work.

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