HRB 6S 22Ah lipo feedback?

Since my current lipo setup ran out of juice really quick (around 5 miles if I am pushing kinda hard), and one cell died on one of my 6S lipo :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:. I am looking for high capacity and deliver a shit load of amps. Haven’t seen much feedback on them?

HRB seems to be my best bet. Maxamps are way too expensive…

Anyone had experience with these HRB lipos? How are they performing? True 25C continues? Easy to balance? Is one cell gonne die on me again? :rofl::rofl: Any feedback would be great! They are not cheap, I wanna make sure they are solid before I pull the trigger.


i Haven’t tried hrb lipo packs but i have had a great experience using a turnigy graphene currently using two of these to get 6s

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Thanks for the suggestion, heard great things about graphene as well. I need a lot more capacity. Like 10 times more to get desired range 20ish miles. just to warn you these take forever to charge

I am a little confused as to your range here. I get about 12-15 on my 12s1p setup of Zippy Compact 5000mAh 25C lipos, the range is less now since they are 3 years old, but I never got only 5 miles. Can you give some more info on your current setup?

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Yeah definitely, probably should have add them at the beginning.

2X 6S 10ah lipo 25C continues connected in series, basically a 12s1p with 444 watt hour.

Maytech 6.6 200A motor controller.

E toxx 1:6.25 gear drive on 8inch tires.

Maytech 6374 170kv

It’s about 35 watt hour per mile while cruising

I am about to put on 9inch tires and 130kv motor. It’s only going downhill from here lol

35wh/mi??? Jeez that is quite hefty.

Are you trying to stay away from the cost of a large li-ion pack?

You could go for the graphene lipos because it sounds like they would be worth it for you, but they are quite pricey too. Some people like to use Gens-Tattu batteries too but those are hefty price-wise too.

How the hell? Serious question too.

I ran a single 6374 on 100mm with a 12s1p 5.2Ah and got maybe 8 if I slow rode it everywhere. Please explain lol.

Dual 6355, 4 3S batteries in series, 155lb rider, not too many crazy hills.

Belt drive with 90mm urethane

Here’s a few rides, usually ending with 30% ish left on my battery

I think I average like 15wh/mi, all rides maxed out around 28 - 30 mph

All the lipo builds I have done have gotten about the same range? Idk

I mean if I had to guess logically, I would say more physical batteries would spread the load out a little more and help it last longer rather than one or 2

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I see where it is lol. Your average speeds are no where near mine lol. I’m a 25mph and above all the time type of guy.

Carry on lol

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Powerhobby 4s 10000mah 50c wired into a 12s2p should work well…

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I have 6s HRB, they use to be in a set up for my hybrid 12s2p…They are ok, not great…and a 12s 22Ah will weight a ton…They won’t las long, and do not tolerate hardcore riding…So I went to a 12s8P @eBoosted with enclosure…Night and day for shity urban cruising (love it so fucking much)…I have the Lipos for my emtb now with other 12s2p Turnigy heavy-duty 5Ah, and building an old school board for my daughter in law with 2 6s HRBs, so it going to be light, but not that crazy range…I will be slowly changing to Liion for all my set ups…


I have more experience with HRB than any other lipo manufacturer right now, but my biggest pack by them is only 4x 6s 5000mah, which gives me 20+ miles on thane and about 12-15 on pneumatics.
Definitely nowhere close to the 50c they are rated at, more like 15c. Amp draw was not ok in 1p, it’s better in 2p.
They have been balancing great. Just wired in a BMS after parallel charging them outside the case a dozen or so times and cells have continued to stay close (w/i ~.03). Other packs of varying voltage and capacities have been similar. I had a low cell (~.2) after I hammered a set of 5s 4000mah packs to empty, but it recovered after a balance charge.

Not sure how the ultra big capacity packs will do. Seems harder to deal with because they are so big and when one cell goes bad, it’s a bigger part of the whole ($$$).

One of my most recent purchases was 6x Kepworth 6s 6000mah 60c lipos (damn, that’s a lot of 6’s) which only set me back about $300. I think they are closer to $66/pack now, but still a good deal if they hold up. I did some initial draw testing and was able to pull 180A for a few minutes from a 2p pack without them breaking a sweat. They are on the test deck rn in 3p and I haven’t even made a dent in them after 8mi.

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That sounds interesting! Please keep me posted on these kepworth, never heard of them, but I will do more research on them.