Hoyt St. Electric Skate

Some of you have been following my stumbling through my first build. I am sure most have not. I thought this deserved its own topic though, so as many people as possible would read it.

I had a problem with my build that used the Hoyt St. puck remote. As far as I was concerned the problem could just as well have been with the VESCs I used. However, when I told Hoyt St. the difficulties I was having they dove in to help me. Despite the fact that all I had bought from them was a remote control. They went above and beyond any expectation anyone should have over a remote that cost less than $200. Today the problem was solved by Hoyt St., so my first build will boast the finest remote available.

Thank you Jeff, Jonner, and the Hoyt St. company. You have a fan forever.


They are a good company, good guys and good products. Glad to hear they got you sorted out.


Hell yes.

They helped me out with an issue on the spot at Thunder in the Mountains.

They are great people, and the Jonner fella can fuggin rideee!


They’re great, when I asked them what type of dye they would recommend to recolor it Jeff told me if I sent mine back to him he’d do it for free. Now you can buy a puck in a crap load of colors!


This is why I’m eagerly waiting for the dark chocolate version to come out. I already decided long ago that the midnight puck is my next remote…whenever that is. :money_mouth_face: