Hoyt puck - slide glove mod

Have been using this for 6 months now, no problems. Can be used to slide and to protect on a fall. Also it allows me to not hold the remote, it is attached to the glove.


When I first heard about the Hoyt puck I thought it would be a sliding remote. Cool to see someone turn it into one

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tbh the only thing I would ask for them to add is rubber gaskets to soft mount the board inside.
videos of it in action:


surprised to see it going 6 months, i’d think the vibrations would kill something

Agreed. Idk how much I’d trust that remote after recent reports of solder points coming lose on pucks after some abuse causing them to accelerate.

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This is an awesome idea, but the hoyt puck is not durable enough for this. With the potentiometer issues and whatnot its just asking to full throttle the board into the wall.


So when you slide, ideally you slowly put your hand down and you are not really putting that much pressure down ( even when doing it with downhill skating, the more force on the puck the less grip on the wheels). And should be less force than someone dropping it or falling with it.

That being said it was not designed for this but they definitely could make it so, coming from fpv drones where we slam our electronics and they still work.

The biggest benefit is not having to hold the remote IMO, not sure what you guys do when falling. Like are you just letting go of the remote or holding on?

Well you don’t ride on FPVs so there is certainly more wiggle room in your own personal saftey I’d say…

Not trying to be downer but there are plently of reports of potentiometer issues with the pucks with just general abuse. Id consider dragging it on ashpahlet at 5-25 mph enough abuse to shake a soldier joint lose.

I guess my question is why not just switch remote hands? Especially if you are just riding in circle track kind of area.


switching hands is slow, and yeah I have seen the video of the solder joint breaking, definitely could re-inforce them with more solder or hot glue.

And do you/everyone replace your remote after every crash/fall?

I usually end up holding the remote for the majority of the fall or for all of it. I don’t catch myself on my hands until the very end of a fall after my knees and elbows have hit the ground.

For reference this remote is the most damaged of the 3 I have:

The other two remotes don’t even have any scratches on them caused by falls. One is in perfect condition and the other has scratches from dropping it and from opening it up. You wouldn’t think I have had some of my bad falls if you just look at the remotes to be honest.

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nice. I have a similar remote for my loaded urethane hub motor board, I use puck risers to achieve something like the above.
I am just used to falling on pucks and knee pads from DH skating I guess

Update: opened up the remote, no loose screws and the solder joints are solid. Reinforced the solder joints for the accelerometer after seeing this video ( saw Hoyts comment on propper way)

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