Hoyt Puck [Braking Issue]

I’m having issues with my Lonestar SuperSport braking on me when I let off the throttle on my Hoyt. It doesn’t do it every time, but sometimes its very subtle and other times its brief and then coasts as normal.

This is my second puck for about a year without issue or any changes. My first puck it would brake if I had started accelerating even just a little bit.

I recorded a VESC session, but not sure what to look for that points to an issue with my Hoyt cause Asurion insurance wants video evidence to replace it. It doesn’t show any faults however.


I think the first thing I’d do is go into VESC config and calibrate the remote again. Assuming it’s PPM.

Make sure the remote is in third gear (3 beeps)

then see if that changes the behavior at all.

Dude, I’ll be real honest. I would throw that puck in the trash ASAP. Sounds like it could be the potentiometer getting ready to go out, which the symptoms you’re describing are exactly the symptoms a customer of mine had before his board started throttling up for no reason. Buy a new PCB and swap it out, and call it a day!


I second this notion. A faulty pot threw me on my ass once, i was lucky it was a slower board and not one of my performance boards.

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I don’t ride in mode 3 on a damaged puck, even if it’s just suspected damage


Don’t fuck around with sketchy remotes, as the boys are stating.

But before you throw it in the bin, check the data in the app.

If you’re able to do SMD PCB work, you can buy a replacement potentiometer


adding to that. I usually confirm it’s the pot. by hooking it up to something that will show the servo control values out. ( toolkit rc MC8, vesc tool calibration page with control mode set to none / motor output off. ) also visual inspection, and physical stressing of the pot to board connection.

then you can see if it makes any non fluid jumps. then decide if you wan to fix it.

it’s usually the solder point. as seen in the hoyt puck PSA


I just got a new puck, this was the old one :grimacing:

note that doing that will break them if they aren’t already. :smiley:

but yeah they don’t uusally move that much

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Yeah I’m not using this puck anymore :+1:

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