Hoyt Nubbed Throttle

so the Hoyt Nubbed throttle exists now.


While it worked on my midnight puck turned puck puck bruce.

It did not work on my bamboo puck.

because I appear to have a different sized interface on the bamboo it’s shorter and fatter.

@JJHoyt can you offer insight?


I have a Nylon puck (Fire), and my Hoyt nubbed throttle is on its way in the mail. Let’s see how that will work out.


When did you buy your bamboo puck?
Maybe the design just changed.
I could check on my bamboo puck in the evening if there is no further information available till then.
I bought mine like 3 months ago.

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Been waiting for this for a while. Thanks for for catching it!

Another friend of mine put the nubbed throttle on a bamboo puck, so that means not all bamboo pucks have my issue. maybe mine is just older.

I got it from @CiscoV so he might know how old it actually is.

Group buy First batch I think


Yes, I can confirm that early bamboo pucks (like mine) have a different shape. When I tried some of the community designed 3D printed throttle pieces I ran into the same issue. I think you need to purchase the replacement throttle pin on their site. I haven’t tried it personally, but I expect that it would properly fit the newer throttle design

Sweet my one gripe with my pucks

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Can someone clarify the differences on the replacement throttle pin?

@CiscoV mentioned mine had already been replaced. how would I confirm the difference?

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From the service mail a while back:


No bueno :point_down:t3:

Bueno shit :point_down:t3:


Thanks. So, as @CiscoV claims, (I never doubted. :smiley: ) I have the updated throttle pin. However it still has a different interface profile with the thumbwheel than the newer models, so it doesn’t work with the new nubbed throttle.

That said, looks like I can probably update again, to a newer throttle pin assembly and things will work out.

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very interesting. this has come as a surprise. I assume it has to do with the first 200 ordered (for use with bamboo) vs the subsequent orders with and after the advent of the midnight pucks. if you’re experiencing this, reach out to hoytskate@hoytskate.com and we’ll get you sorted. Send pix just so we don’t screw up a second time. lolz.


hey guys. we’ve been playing with this the past few minutes. while the recess in the throttle has definitely changed, the throttle pin will still fit it. A bit more snug than the original but it will work…and, ultimately, there is only one throttle pin and ALL the nubbed throttles have this new, tighter fit.


Ok great. Thanks for the info. I’ll try pushing harder!


Works and feels great. I noticed a bit of wear on the throttle hinge pin, on the opposite side from the potentiometer. I added some silicone/ptfe grease there to prevent future wear. It wasn’t very worn down yet but there was some white plastic dust on the hinge pin after about 1000mi of riding.


Has anyone successfully used a Hoyt Puck with a Eovan Carbon Pro board?

after you vesc swap it will work no question.