Hoyt 7" tires, how to remove the tire from the rim?

So I am completely flummoxed as to how to remove the Hoyt 7" tires from the rims. Once you’ve removed the screws you should be able to pry the rim away from the tire bead, but it appears that the bead is chamfered such that the more you pull the more it locks down.

I tried tire irons, that didn’t work, I tried pushing the tire down while holding the rim halves in place, that didn’t work. I tried holding the tire in place and tugging the two halves of the rim apart from the inside, that’s where most the blood came from, it just snaps back together like an angry clam. I tried swearing a lot, that didn’t seem to help. I seriously considered sawing the tire in half on the band saw.

I’m sure there’s a simple way to do this, but it feels like the ID of the tires is slightly less than the OD of the inner rim and that, in conjunction with the chamfer on the bead, makes it all but impossible to separate the two.

So can someone (@hoytskate?) please tell me what the trick is? Is there perhaps a Youtube video?


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Soapy water. There’s lots of friction between the tire bead and the rim which is what gives it the good balance.


Every time I’ve ever picked up tire irons, the next 30 minutes SUCKED.

(Usually for car tires, but Funwheel tires are also a motherfucker. Worse than car tires, IMHO)

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Thanks!! I’ll try it.

Might wanna hit with a heat gun if that doesn’t work. I’ve had the bead stuck to a rim on a couple occasions and a heat gun did the trick

This and a long strong screwdriver worked for me

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Pressurize the tire?

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i haven’t had to deal with these particular tires yet. but i’ve had troublesome ones like you describe in the past. If you can find a way to press the bead inward while pulling the rim out you can avoid the self locking it seems to do.

In the end, and in a fit of rage basically that’s what I did.

but I want to try the soapy water technique next time (tomorrow)

In any event, Hoyt, this doesn’t bode well for fixing flats on the trail.

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dayum. that’s impressive. was it pushing flat ont he sidewall? a lip that pushes just the bead in would have helped even more.

but crap that loooks hard. congrats on conquering it.

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When the tires are warm (like during a ride) they are soooo much easier to remove. Honestly, you can even ride em flat to warm them up, then try removing it, but I can’t condone that.


Yes it was squashing the entire tire (which is fine since the tires are worn out and the tube already had a hole in it), that was the first solution out of the gate after it was obvious that tire irons weren’t going to cut it.

The idea of a ring to give the tire someplace to go is a good one. If the soapy water solution doesn’t work I’ll mod this fixture to do exactly that. I have the wood circle that I cut out of the center. If I cut down its height I can use it for this.

Good news, Soapy water and the tires slid right off. I even remembered to remove the bearings before I dunked it.

Daddy’s got a new pair of shoes!!


This is the single best advise I have ever got :100: