[HowTo] Service an custom eBoosted Battery

Dear friends,

some weeks ago I got a 12s4p battery delivered from eBooosted Peru.
It is designed for the “LY evo SS” case.

Due to some unknown accident, one of the p-groups and the BMS died and I had to service the battery.

I did contact Alan(@eBoosted) and told him my findings.
We confirmed together that group nr “5” is no more working and has to be exchanged.

Two weeks later, the repair kit arrived.
Alan did a great job in assembling the replacement parts.
He send me everything that is needed to replace one group.

I opened the heatshrink and marked the dead group:

Then I measured the voltages of the individual groups:

I soldered a charge wire to each group one after another, and charged them all to the same voltage:

Desoldering the mains and balance wire from the group:

Cut the Fishpaper to remove the group (no hot glue or desoldering at this point)

Installing the replacement goup:

Soldering the Mains:

Add some Fish to isolate my inperfect soldering (so it doesnt cut the new heatshrink by accident):

Finished Backside:

Last Step was to replace the 13-Wire Balancer Connector. Dont have any pictures from that, but it was a pretty straight forward soldering job.

Thanks @eBoosted for this great repair kit and the service-friendly battery design!
It was easy to do and looks perfectly smooth. like nothing happend :+1:


Alan is always a pleasure to deal with :slight_smile:
We should have some sort of vendor appriciation badge here on the forums :thinking:


It looks like your solder job just needed more solder applied to it. For thicker wire like that I’ve found i have to solder the wire where it is supposed to go, and then add more solder after that to fully cover the wire strands/ make it look like a nice little blob. I’m pretty sure that the amount you used will still work fine so long as the wires wouldn’t budge after doing it. I always like to give my wires a nice little tug to double check they’re connected well AFTER they cool down. don’t do it when its still warm