how to view battery level on Hobbywing ESC?

I got this ESC from mboards to work with my Direct Drive from BoundMotor.

strangely the ESC does not have any indicator for battery level of my 10S. the remote does not show anything as well.

All I can see is the power button, motor wires, hall sensor wires, and transmitter wire. The hall sensor wires does not fit with my DD motor sensors,
upon closer inspection, order of the colors doesn’t even match.

please advise. thanks!

First of all, you kinda got ripped off. (as per usual when shopping on mboards)

Edit: to be fair, you have a newer version. Doesn’t mean it has more power though.

Regarding your problem. If you connect a battery to the esc and pair the remote, the remote itself shows the battery level indicated in the red square.

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i was hesitant to buy from anywhere else because the other sites dont mention anything about direct drive motors. my old Meepo ESC did not work properly with my DD so that’s why i had to buy something else. would love to buy the BoundMotor ESC but cant justify the $230 price tag.

anyway, when i connect my remote to the ESC, this is all i see
i am happy i can control slow, med, and fast. everything except seeing the battery status. did i get a defective unit? TBH, when i opened the package, the ESC looks a little beat up. i wonder if i got an used unit :frowning:

hm weird.

If you press the top button once nothing happens?

can you take a pic of the esc itself?

if i press the button once, i see 4 LEDs turn on and turns off about 2 seconds later as seen in this vid
this is different from the other ESCs and remotes before whereby the LEDs stay lit

Thats normal.

You have to press the power button to see the battery level. It doesn’t stay on, which i like since it saves battery.

The LED below the 4 is for the signal, that one is always red but will blink when there’s a connection problem (and vibrate)

The bottom LED is you battery level for the remote.
Green is like 100-30% it feels like, then it switches to red.

When its really low it also vibrates every now and then.

oh ok. thanks! i can see how mboards gets such a bad rep now. the ESC and remote came and looked used. next, absolutely no manuals. glad you are able to help out.

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