How to solder blade fuses

I used to use this fuse holder but if now I need to shrink the sizes then how I’m supposed to solder the blade fuses? That’s what I got with my first attempt :sweat_smile:

Expected result:

Any suggestions?

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Very high soldering iron temp (400°C)
And you gotta be quick!
Place a bit of solder on the fuse, then place your tinned wire ontop of the blob, place the iron on the wire, and it should fuse together very quickly

Does the solder stick to the fuse? Or are you getting cold joints?

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flux is required

I just tried soldering a fuse last night and it melted before it would stick even with flux

I suspect that some may be aluminum…

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Maybe it might help if you scratch the surface a bit, with coarse sand paper


I’m using the Fixpoint 51091 soldering station and it’s rated for MAX 450 °C , so it’s should be enough I guess…

That’s exactly what I’ve tried.

I’m getting cold joints unfortunately

I used it

damn… I checked from the website and it’s made of zinc alloy (?)

I’ll try it


You can buy a fuse holder and just plug in fuses if space is not critical

The reason for bad soldering is probably weird materials, i found some russian liquid flux for aluminum and stainless, with that shit you can solder on paper lol


So given the result I should give up soldering there?

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