How to set up makerx dual foc

How do I set up the makerx dual foc. I’ve gotten both motors to spin separately on the vesc tool but not together under a canbus. I do not have a canbus wire do I need to enable it in the vesc tool or do I need wires to canbus it? @YUTW123

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The CAN bus is connected from the factory, what version of vesc tool are you using? You can’t use the newest version for CAN setup unless you update the firmware

Do you know what the MakerX ESC even is lmao the CAN wire is literally soldered on from factory

You plug the remote receiver into one side and you can easily use it with no additional wiring necessary.


I have the same ESC, just went through the process a few days ago

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I have updated the firmware to v5.1

Were you able to update it on both sides? What error message do you get? Can you take some screenshots?

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Yes I believe so. I am trying it again . I had to remove the usb and plug it into the other side

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You can always click the read firmware version button to check if it updated properly. Some of the retros needed a bootloader update for the firmware to update properly

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Yes I did boot loader first because it wouldn’t update the firmware at first . After going the boot loader I was able to update and get both motors to spin up separately . I can control one motor with the mini remote after using the app tool . However once I switch the usb to the other side then that side works and the other doesn’t

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How did you run the motor setup? Did you use the wizard?

Yes the motor wizard Under the motor settings tab

And when you did setup, both motors spun up and detected properly? What remote and remote type are you using?

When I setup the motor On the side the usb is connected will spin that one only

When you did the motor setup wizard did you select the CAN setup option?

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Also using a mini remote with one receiver

I do not think so

If you select the CAN setup option (there should be two buttons I believe) it should setup both motors, or throw an error if it can’t

I went back through the motor wizard and do not see a can setup option . Do you know what page it would be on?

Take a screenshot of the page right before you click the detect button

This is the page right before