How to sell a smaller board?

Im looking to sell my board that is a 6s 8Ah, a beginner board I built. Most boards on this forum seem to be bigger boards, so nobody wants to buy it. Any ideas on how to get my board out there to sell?

Local Facebook groups.

Or nice picture and a god price will get attention.

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I would probably try to sell it in the Facebook groups cause that is the best place to sell those. But it also determines on what you are looking for it. And the type of motors and pulleys and if it is hubs, belts, gears or direct drives

How much you looking to get for it? Some parents here might want it for their kids. Photos don’t hurt.

Ive posted here before. Been told it was a pretty good price, but never got anyone wanting to buy it. Selling Eboard - $225

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I believe the advice then was as is now:

  • try local FB groups.
  • lower price ($150?) Things are worth what people will pay for them, no more no less.
  • part out (more work but you’d actually get something for it)

Would anyone buy the parted out stuff? The ESC is not VESC, the motor is 200kv and idk how people feel about used batteries.

idk, but its worth a try.
Unfortunately the same ideas apply to your complete build

My first recommendation is still FB groups

Any specific ones? Ive posted on the Esk8 global market and other similar ones.

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local ones. a board at that price isnt worth shipping,

Also, this is going to sound callous, but that board aint worth shit. ziippy lipos, small motor, shady construction.
If you really want to get something for it, you should keep bumping one of your many reposts with lower prices.

At the end of the day, you need to lower the price. Supply demand etc, thats just basic economics

also stop making new topics, yeesh

The tough reality here is that pricewise, you’re in used budget board territory, and many would grab a used Meepo or similar over a used entry-level DIY, no matter how well it works.

So parting out might be the best way to go.

Sorry about the new topics, I’m new and not exactly sure how to bump/how it works. How would one go about parting out? Should I just take apart the board and list each thing separate? Would people even buy the board itself?


Bumping means commenting on an old post. This will move it to the top, you cn change the title to draw fresh eyes.

sure they will but only at the right price,

you see, you may have paid 300$ for the parts, but once they’re used they lose value. So a good start would be to offer the components at %50 of their new cost.

Go to your original sale thread , list everything individual parts and prices, change your topic name to include “PARTOUT” in the title and youll likely get $100 /$150 or so.
%50 return on something like this is good. Let me start

  • 6374 (source?) $45
  • abec clones at […]mm $25
  • calibre trucks $15
  • 8Ah 6s ZOPower lipos $40
  • dickyho mount $10
  • pulley and belt $7
  • deck $10

just as a guess. you can tweak the prices to what you feel is fair, but I think at these numbers, it will sell.

bro we all were at some point. Never appologize for learning. Asking these questions puts you miles ahead of the know-it-all dipshits ̶o̶n̶ ̶h̶e̶r̶e̶ in the world, coughcough @Skunk coughcough <-- joke


Just know you can always ask a mod for help with anything.