How to make a Can-bus wire?

So what tools do I need?
Where do I get the connectors?

I need to make spare because I was 20 miles away from my car. I did programmed my vesc to use one motor, but my ride suck ass. Lol

You’ll need a crimping tool sized for JST PH2.0

This is mine

You’ll also most likely need 4pin JST PH2.0 connectors like these

This guide helped me a lot when I first started:

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You can also solder them instead of using the crimping tool, but only if you’re a pro-level solderer. Solder paste works better than solder.

But I recommend using the tool. If you have it. But if you’re only ever going to make one cable, no need to buy a tool.

Just make sure you try to pull each wire out of the ends before using them. If you can pull the wire out of the metal piece, then it wasn’t connected well enough and needs to be redone.

Those small connectors and its small wires are difficult to crimp.

I tried and gave up because crimped wire was very weak and kept breaking.

You need 2x JST-PH 4 pins male with wires and 2 solder tubes for AWG 26-24.

You only keep the two wires in the middle and cut the first and the last ones.

How else are you supposed to amass a giant collection of strange tools and such? Half the time I take the path requiring a new weird tool just so I can get aforementioned new weird tool :rofl:


Acquiring weird tools is half the fun in this hobby tbh lol :laughing:


Thanks guys. I made my can bus wire base on your information. I reinforce the ends too. I hope this helps from vibration.