How to bypass the BMS on a meepo v3 ER battery

I have a meepo v3 extended range battery that keeps losing power. Once it loses power, it will not turn back on until the charger is plugged into the board and then I can continue my skate as if nothing happened. I was told to bypass the BMS to get rid of this problem. Can anybody help me with instructions as to what wires to splice together?

What are the circumstances when it looses power? Depending on that, your battery pack might be on the way out and the BMS is trying its best to safe it.

When the motors are put under stress with a heavy drop or extra weight is what I’ve noticed in particular

Okay, this is all interestingly suspect to me…

Generally speaking, when I see this behavior exhibited by a boards battery, I attribute it to a dead cell/group and the BMS is doing it’s job. (To cut off discharge when there’s a problem with the pack)

When you have a full power cut that is revived by plugging the battery into the charger, Your BMS is in a fault lockout mode. Fairly common.

This is what’s most puzzling to me. My normal assessment in these situations is that this wouldn’t be possible. You could ride another .25mi, maybe, and then it would fault repeatedly. Because again, the problem usually is a dead cell group.

Are you absolutely sure you can then drain the battery well below 50% following the cutout? Also, have you switched the ESC to something different that drawing higher current?

It’s not quite that simple, you’ll need to be able to solder the wires at minimum.


I’m just curious, what happens when it losses power ?

Having same issue as described here, and the board shuts down immediately, leaving no warning time to react. There are no brakes left or power and it has put me in some deadly situations…

Really frustrating having to spend another 300 dollars to replace the battery :frowning: