How many amps (12s) can I push exway x1 hub motors before they die

I picked up a pair of hub motors. Already went 31mph for a short while without temp sensors and halls hooked up.

Figured out the wiring and have that all working now.

Never had decent hub motors.
Is this too much?


100c and holding

5.5 miles in and and still plenty of voltage left.


how did you proceed to get the wiring right ?

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Glad this popped up. This is a cool thread.


That’s a cool looking deck & enclosure. Where are they from?

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u got that wiring diagram? just need to know which pin is which

Well to be fair, i don’t really get it XD but I guess it will be more clear when i’ll got the actual connector in the hand

I know the three slightly thicker pin are 3 phase wires, but there is no documentation for those sensors


That would make sens. I mean this kind of connector is barely rated for 8-10A for the whole thing

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not sure if thats the x1 or x1pro version hub (looks like x1pro tho), with the torque that exway’s hobbywing is able to provide, i would imagine the hub can handle at least 30 (edit: maybe 30A, im just guessing)

the torque on exway default setup is pretty strong, it had to be somewhat decent

This is indeed sicc my d00d.

I bought an exway x1 which was doa (not charging), was really looking forward to trying them out, maybe in the near future.

Let us know when they start cooking🔥

Fuck if I remember

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Actually. You can figure it out with this…


holy shit, i wasn’t paying attention to the background. I love u bro

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So yes, now that i have it in hands this diagram is a lot more understandable,
And also : this stuff looks like FREAKING NOICE !
The materials and the finish are just perfect