How do you have you tread on you AT tires?

  • Direction of tread on AT tires. How do you like them?
  • All forwards, all the time
  • Doesn’t matter to me
  • All backwards, all the time

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Does it matter? Vote and discuss!

Also sorry, first poll i made here. Ignore my extra polling option.

The ones I have that are directional I point forward.

I am also assuming I know what forward is for Kenda 8s…


Wait pointing forward looking down from the top or pointing forward as they meet the road?
The latter right?
Then yeah pointing forward so the water gets squished out behind instead of in front has the be answer.

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Ya not only do i want the water to squish out, it makes me cringe when i see them facing two different ways. The roadies i cant tell for shit which way is forward.

I usually use the solid straight line for reference of which way is forward bc the other line going the other way is interrupted


I am not sure how you mean.
I run my Kendas like these evolve 7s

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I am also triggered by this.

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Oh those. I thought those were called roadies. But ya, I’m confused af on those or the design.

Those are backward, you want the largest grooves going out from the center where your contact patch is.
Like this

Its not a great tread pattern either way so probably doesn’t make a huge difference.


The extra option makes it to where people without AT tires can vote to see the results without messing up the result though. (ignore the fact that there is a show results button)

Also must be nice to not have the water on the road flung up at your legs by your wheels. :sob: if only tires weren’t so weak to glass and other road debris then I wouldn’t have gotten wet so often when it wasn’t raining but the road was wet.

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Hate to break it to ya, but pneumatics fling water the same as thane.
Unfortunately mud guards are usually quite ugly

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I have always ran them like that this.
So I should change my vote.

I don’t really run these on wet so it probably doesn’t matter to me.

I tried to dog through some evolve stock pictures and they seem confused…

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evolve is on the it don’t matter camp…


Yeah, that tread is roughly bidirectional so I really don’t think it is going to matter for esk8 since we have such narrow contact patches but from my understanding what I posted would be technically correct. I never ride if the ground is even slightly wet so water isn’t a concern.


You don’t like injuries and burnt up parts or something?!?
What gives?