How do you check if Liftboard battery is bad?

I’ve got a Liftboard single motor that I’m trying to get back running. Thanks to @Plurf I’ve got a remote on the way but I want to check other aspects of the board.

I’ve been able to power on the board but not sure what the LED activity means. If I just power it up, the light slowly blinks red. If I hold the button for 5 sec, like you do for pairing, it goes from slow blinking to rapid blinking red.

I was concerned it may be the battery so I put it on the charger. It doesn’t ever show that it completes charging. When I check the voltage at the charging port, I get 1.1V. This doesn’t make sense as it shouldn’t even be able to power the LED at the voltage level.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Probably an issue with the pack

Looks like normale pairing pattern I’m sure

If you’re not afraid of the work, you could open
the enclosure and check the battery manualy

I rember that the BMS on this board was weird, and died on me quite fast

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How bright are the LEDs? Many LEDs can run with lower voltages but usually they ends up being very dim as a result.

If you can, I’d measure the voltage directly from the battery or at least from the battery’s output to see what voltage it really is at. (battery output being what is feed to the controller). If you measure from the output that goes to the controller then you’ll probably get the voltage out of the BMS

This sounds like what some escs do when they’re on but have no remote connected. Once the paired remote is on then the LED changes to be constantly on.

yeah, even better you can check each parallel group from the bms pigtail, that should give you a good indication at the battery state and what the issue is

That might not be easily accessible though.

When the heatshrink needs to be cut, we’re playing a different game.
Not something I recommend to everyone.

If I remembre the liftboard pack is not heatshrinked, at least not the bms,
the pgroups are hold in place by rigid abs holders and the bms is out of the pack close to the esc

but the metal tube enclosure is a bitch to open, I don’t exactly remember

EDIT: I checked and shrink there is, totaly forgot it

Are there actually reliable 12s balance chargers available?

The LEDs are bright. Which is why I at first didn’t think it was a battery issue. But the fact that I ready 1.1V at the charging port has me confused.

I have not problem taking it apart. I’m just trying to avoid it if possible.

I’m gonna wait until I have the correct remote and see if it syncs. If not, then disassembling it is in my future.

wrong topic ?
I’d say best chance is any 12s psu + a smart bms (llt is fine quite good and affordable)
I don’t know of any of the shelf 12s balance charger at a decent pricepoint

I’d wait for the remote too and was going to suggest that since it is way easier to trouble shoot when you can at least attempt to spin up the motors

I got the battery to take a charge and the charger went green. Now all I need is the remote to see if the ESC and receiver still work.

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Hey, I’m having the same EXACT issue. Did you ever get yours figured out?

I’m pretty sure it’s a BMS issue, first thing I did when I opened the liftboard enclosure was to bypass it for discharge

Would u mind sharing how to do that?

give a look at this thread

Thanks…. One thing I should mention is that I plugged my 4amp charger into it and that’s when it started blinking…. Think that I fried the battery?

what do you mean blinking ? If it blinks it’s most likely powered up and expecting remote connection